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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

I gave up the big shopping day a long time ago so I count my blessings not having to get out in that mad crowd. However I have been looking forward to this day because the next Bonnie Hunter mystery begins. This is the 4th mystery I have done with Bonnie and this year it is called Easy Street.
Anticipation had me waking up at 2:45 but good sense prevailed and I went back to sleep but only until 4:57 and I had to get on up then. I was very disappointed that it was not on line at that time. So I checked on my Farmville 2 because there won't be much farming done once I can get started on Easy Street. The first step was finely available a little after 6 am and the first step was making 4-patch units from background and gray.

My backgrounds are like Bonnie used, black on white. I think I will have enough variety.

I cut my strip sets.

I need 192 4-patch units so that is 384 of these 2-patch units.

 I thought I had the 384 pieces here but wait, my math brain apparently does not work before 9 am.

I am piecing the 4-patches and putting them in stacks of 25. The problem is I am running out and not half way there. It seems when cutting the gray I was thinking I could bet 20 out of each WOF and since I was using mostly fat quarters for the black on whites I would cut the strips in half, so I cut 10 strips and 20 of the background. WRONG this only gave me the 192 plus a few extra 2-patch not the 384 I needed for the 192 4-patch. Back to the cutting mat. I am awake now, have had coffee, breakfast and a shower so maybe my math will be right this time.

I am sure there are some that will complain about the lack of constrast in these 4-patches but the other colors to be used in the quilt are lime or  apple green, turquoise and purple. I am sure these will make those colors pop.

Here is my tub of those fabrics, still need to pull a few more purples. If you would like to do the mystery too, go the and check it out.


  1. I totally agree on the no shopping on Black Friday thinking ... I chose to stay in, too!! Sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

  2. Teresa, you are so funny! Imagine waking up at 2:45 because you can't wait to start on a new quilt. I love quilting, but I won't get up before 7 or so to start on a new one! It's great to have a new project that is so exciting, though. Good luck with it and I'll look forward to seeing it progress to completion :)

  3. I thought I was impatient for the first clue, but you sure have me beat by a long shot because there is no way I would get up at 2:45 -- VBG I think I recognize some of the black/white fabrics. Can't wait to see how all of us progress with Easy Street and have fun!!