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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Door Wreath

Wow, I just realized I went the whole month of February without posting. I worked a lot of hours that month and was just tired, both body and brain. I didn't do a whole lot of sewing, it seemed I had a short attention span. But this week I was off on Tuesday so I got to spend the day with my quilting buddies and that made me very happy. I carried the makings for this wreath for Michelle and put it together while visiting with the girls. It was very easy, I had strips of fabric cut 1" x 8" plus some rick rack and ribbon cut the same lenght. Then just tied them on a metal ring, added the metal K and ribbon loop for hanger. It felt good to finish something, maybe I should do more small projects, but probably not (I might loose my spot as UFO  queen).

I have also been working on this black and white disappearing nine patch. I am going to add to the right and bottom to make it more symmetrical then add a white border with applique flowers in black and white. This applique idea will keep this an ongoing project for a while.

I have also been working on these blocks (Bonnie Hunter pattern) with the intention of putting them together for a baby boy quilt.

Before I started the b/w disappearing nine patch I was working on this. It is a pattern called Ginger Belle by Miss Rosie.  I also started started another top by a pattern in the Fons and Porter magazine.
No picture of this one yet but you can see what I mean about a short attention span. I have yet to work on the UFO challenge, At least I found a little time to post this  morning, just hope I haven't lost all my followers. I promise to do better in the future. Until the next time happy quilting or crafting.


  1. So glad your back. I love to see and read your blog.

  2. I see you suffer from butterfly brain syndrome, just like I do. Isn't it fun? LOL I always have a bunch of projects on the go but most of them do end up finished, eventually. Your wreath is fun.

  3. can't wait to tell my stitching buddies of my diognas they will love it and know it is so true

  4. Your Ginger Belle is wonderful!