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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Parts and Piecies

I have decided to make the mystery quilt a king size so it is back to making all the basic units. I have enough of all units to make about 6 of each but need a lot more. Trying to organize them in this basket.

I use Thangles to make the half square triangles need for the pinwheel and bird in the air blocks.

The neutral 54-40 blocks have been a lot easier than I thought they would be.

The red 54-40 are used in the pieced border. Trying to make a few along the way to keep a variety in the dark wings of them.

The four patch unit is the easiest but I am running out of the right shades of red and green.

The bird in the air block deals with a lot of bias edges and uses more of the black fabric. I hope I have enough. Would hate to have to go shopping, laugh if you must.

I could not get the computer to upload my photo of the chevron block, can't figure that out. However it is I guess the most time consuming of the different units, just ahead of the bird in the air unit.

This quilt will take some time. I only sew on it a few hours a week, so this may be a year long process. Longer if I get sidetracked.

Happy quilting.


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