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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Years Resolution

Welcome 2015, I don't know where all the time goes but I sure didn't get much done in 2014 or at least as much as I wanted to or needed to if I am ever going to finish all these UFO's. I have always heard the old saying what ever you do on New Year's day you will do all year long. So this year I wanted to finish something so maybe I would finish things all year long.

I had these blocks put together just need the borders, so I added the border to them on New Year's day so that I could at least finish the quilt top.

I had seen this block on another blog and thought it would be a way to use up a lot of civil war scraps. I even went ahead and made the binding, so now just need to get a back and get it quilted.

Another of my resolutions was to clean up and organize the sewing room. I know this has to be done in little steps and just working 30 minutes at a time has made a difference. While I was cutting up scraps that were piled on all corners of the ironing board I decided to cut them into the same 2" x 3 1/2' pieces of this first quilt and see if I could make an ugly quilt using everything I found in the scrap piles.

I have to say the blocks were pretty ugly, there was every kind of fabric in them but when I sashed them whit the bright yellow I think it turned out pretty nice.

I have already made the binding for this one too. I think that will be another resolution, make the binding when I finish the top even if I am not going to be able to quilt it for a while. I plan to give this top and binding to Ivy for her Habitat quilts.

Before I got side tracked on those two quilts I had made all the red and white nine patches for this
Sisters Choice pattern by Bonnie Hunter I got back to putting them together today. Got to work tonight so won't be able to sew long.

Stay warm, happy stitching

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