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Monday, September 28, 2015

UYO ready to quilt

I was going to sew on Bonnie Hunter's Crystal pattern above but I couldn't find the book in my disaster of a sewing room, but that is another story. I'm thinking one way to clear out this disaster it to finish some of my many works in progress. So I pulled out another Bonnie Hunter pattern Sisters Nine Patch and finished that top.

I had all the nine patch blocks done and had even assembled at least half of it so it was just a matter of cutting some more setting and triangles and putting the rest together. Her pattern was square and I didn't want a square quilt so I left off two rows and I changed the border. I used the same setting fabric for the borders so the the nine patches would float. I have a red print that I got from Donna that I will use for the back and since I didn't have enough of the yellow for binding I think I will just make a scrappy red binding. The best news it that this is one project box empty. YEA!!!!!

Got to get ready for work hope everyone has a great week.



  1. Yea! Hope you find the book and don't have to go thru too many UFOs to do so.

  2. Congrats on getting a project box cleared out. Beautifully done.