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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


  • Last Saturday I went to a quilt show here in Hartselle, AL with Ada and Donna. It was a good little show with lots of inspiration. One of the quilts that made me say I want to do that, was one made by Terri Stover. Terri took my beginning quilting class when I taught at Quilters Refuge. It really made me proud to see some of her work years later. It was a very intricate pattern that she said was made with just one block. After studying it a while we found the block.

    I made two blocks and then remembered that this was a Thangles pattern that I also taught at Quilters Refuge. 

    I think the Thangles pattern called for 2 1/2 inch finished blocks using 3 inch strips, but I had a new jelly roll of brights that I thought would look good in this pattern. This will make my blocks a little smaller than Terrie's but that's okay with me.

  • Later Saturday afternoon I was talking with Ada about another quilt in the show that had really gotten both our attentions and before we got off the phone I was in the closet pulling fabric. See this is how I get in trouble and end up with so many UFO's.  The quilt was blocks set on point with zig zag sashing between. After examining the block we discovered it was a disappearing nine patch using smaller squares. We estimated 3 1/2 inch squares. The best thing I discovered or remembered in my stash was a bunch of pink and brown squares left from a previous quilt. I had cut way too many squares. They were 4 inch squares that I made 3 inch finished half square triangles. I decided to just work with 4 inch squares and have a little larger block rather than cut them down. This quilt maker had used the same center and middle blocks. So this is what I chose. I have enough for one row 83 inches long plus part of the second row done. 

    Here is part of the row sewn together, 

  • I turned the blocks the opposite direction from hers. Just making it my own, 
  • Happy quilting!!!!

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