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Thursday, January 30, 2014


I know it has been a long time since I posted here and a lot has been going on in my life. I will talk more about that later maybe. I have finely gotten some time to sew on Bonnie's mystery. If you look close you will see a little difference. I completely turned one block around when putting it together and just love the difference.

This is how the block is supposed to be done.

This is what you get if you turn the chevron unit around. I really like it and Johnny says he likes it better the the original.

I like how it cleans up or strengthen the white background. The diamond is more distinct.

Turning the gold part of the chevron out makes the diamond kind of choppy. I have debated maybe putting the original block around the outside or just rip apart. I have only done 5. I have also been debating making it the king size. My concern is having enough of the black that I used to replace the blue in Bonnie's quilt. I used dark reds to replace orange and gold for the yellow. The greens leaned more to the dark blue green side. I may have to go bumming from my stitching buds on the black.

Looking forward to Saturday's stitch group. Hope the weather warms up some or that old building will be cold. I plan to take a quilt that needs binding so at least I will have something to cover up with. 

Stay warm and happy stitching.

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