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Friday, October 9, 2015

WIP List

This past week I have been making me a daily list of little things to do. It has given me a great since of accomplishment to mark these items off the list each day. It may be a specific item that is one and done or it might be a more general item such as to just work on a specific project. I realize I have a lot of items that can't be completed in one day especially since I am still working full time, but if I list work on an item and I do even just a little on it, at least it is not moving to the UFO pile. With this in mind I thought I would make a list of my Works In Progress. 

1. Lime Crystals
2. Jamestown Landing in green for Danielle and Thomas 
3. Black and White disappearing nine patch for Tyler and Roberta 
4. Tossed Greens and applique project 
5. Flip Flops for Kelly 
6. Blue Ridge Beauty 
7. Spider Web 
8. Alabama scrappy trip around the world 
9. Searching - RWB flying geese 
10. Blue and Yellow Irish Chain 
11. 2006 civil war BOM 
12. Double Wedding Ring 
13. Blue and Tan table runner 
14. As the Crow Flies, more applique 
15. Blue and White Carpenter Wheel 
16. Stepping Stones 

These are just the ones I can name looking at the outside of all the project boxes.  There are other boxes with multiple projects in them. This list does not include any of the kits that I have  that are not started. These are all projects of which I have already spent a good deal of time. I am going to make every effort to finish some of these projects before I start anything else. 

Maybe in another post I will list all the tops that I have finished but still need quilting. That is another whole category. I also need to make a list of those kits waiting to be started. This is pretty overwhelming but then it is 15 years worth of quilting. I guess as long as I am still feeling creative and loving the process, then it is okay.

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