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Sunday, November 8, 2015


Despite all my lists and good intentions I have a major problem sticking with one project until it is finished. The last post was of all or I should say part of my unfinished projects and yet I started another. I have several kits waiting in the wings and this one just kind of called out to me. I wanted to work on something different, something with new fabric. This was one of the strip club kits from Quilters Refuge. The strip club patterns were all made from 2 1/2 inch strips and this kit was pre-cut from 30's reproduction fabric. The pattern is called All Stars.

The original pattern left partial pinwheels hanging on the edge and I really didn't care for that so I figured out a way to add blocks that will finish the pinwheels and make them appear to be floating in the white background.
I have it all put together now and it measures 72 x 84 which is a nice size. I originally thought I would add a border but now I am not sure. I have a red 30's print that I could use, but I need some feedback. Please if you are reading this let me know what you think about a border.



  1. needs a border to finish it. plus it will be more useable on YOUR bed. It's too pretty to give away or sit in a closet. My quilts know all about sitting in a closet!!! Unless you made it for me out of my favorite fabrics then it's big enough.

  2. I love this quilt! And I vote border! Just looks more "finished".

  3. Beautiful quilt. I'll vote border too, but not a very wide one.