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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Finish Four

It is Wednesday morning and I have a little time to sew, and as I was piecing some blocks together I was thinking about some fabric that I got at Donna Nix's fabric sale. There is an old Fons and Porter pattern that I want to do but it required a lot yardage of two fabrics for the alternate block and I finally found two that go great together at Donna's sale. The other block is a scrapy nine patch if I remember correctly. So I am committing myself to finish four projects at least to the next stage before I start this new one. It can be quilting a top that is already pieced or finish piecing one of the many I have started.
The question is which will it be? 
Will it be this one that I am calling Lime Crystals, which is from Bonnie Hunters last book which I have misplaced or lost. I think I can wing the sashing and border by just looking at the picture, but I would really like to find the book. 

Will it be quilting this one. I thought I had a picture of my finished top. 

Will it be this one that I have decided to make larger. I think I have enough blocks made to make it a king size, but I am still hunting a black paisley print for the border. 

Or will it be this one which I think the consensus from my last post is that I should add a border. 

Oh and remember this scrapy trip Alabama quilt I still haven't decided what to do on this one. 

This top still need quilting. 

This little table runner needs borders and quilting. 

This top has been ready to quilt for a long time. 

Oh I have to quit looking back at old pictures, I am finding too many unfinished projects. I have to stop and get back to sewing. I will finish four before starting anything else, I will. 


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