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Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Finish

Friday 13th and I have a finish for my Finish Four challenge. I not only added the border to the 30's pinwheel I also made the binding. I already had a wide back in 30's fabric so this stack has moved to That Quilted Place and it will go in to que for quilting. 

I had the binding already made for this trip around the world wall hanging or lap quilt but had not been able to find a back that went with it so today I just decided to go with a white back. So it is pieced and moved out to the quilt studio. So that will count as finish number two. 

Before I even finished the pinwheels quilt I was trying to think of some way to use the scraps. I looked around the internet and found a pattern that put 12 squares together and then add frames to 2 sides. 

Then twist and turn them kind of like a rail fence. 

It makes a 8 inch block. At first I thought I would set them 8 x 10 using 80 blocks. Then I thought that I could set them 6 x 9 with a black 30's print border. I think I will change that to 7 x 9 which will finish 56 x 72 before borders. I have 46 blocks completed so far but it is going faster than I thought. This may be my number 3 finish or I have another quilt top that I have decided to enlarge by adding a border so who knows. 

Keep stitching, 


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