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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Scrap Trail

It all started a few weeks ago when I just wanted to work on something different. New fabrics, new pattern, and of course I have several kits just setting there with fresh fabric and fresh patterns. Well I pulled out a strip club kit called All Stars made with 30's reproduction fabric. 

 Before I even finished this one I could see I was going to finish the borders differently so that I didn't leave any partial pinwheels. Into my 30's stash I went and completed this top. It is now waiting to be quilted. I could also see that I was going to have pieces of strips       2 1/2 inches wide left, so I went hunting a pattern that would use those and found this 12 patch rail. 

 Again to finish this one a good usable size I went back to my 30's stash and pulled out anything that was 5 inches or less. This one is also finished and waiting to be quilted. As you would guess I ended up with some 2 inch strips so I tried putting them together in what I call my Wonder Block. 

 I was just going to make a test block to see how it would look but ended up making seven so far. It takes 18 different pieces and I don't want to repeat in a block so I have set these aside until I am doing something else in 30's that result in more scraps. 

Sunday was a rainy day and after working both days of Black Friday weekend I didn't do too much. I did start the HST in Bonnie Hunters new mystery around work times and finished those on Sunday. 

 I am using brown as my constant fabric instead of grey. I may use dark greens instead of black, going for a  more autumn color pallet. 

I also want to make a baby quilt for a girl at work who is crazy about turtles and I think I remember a pattern in an old Quiltmaker Magazine so I pulled out some of my old magazines and just set and looked through them, not a good idea because I found two other patterns that I had earmarked to do in 30's fabrics. So the scrap trail continues. 

 This one is called Square Deal and is in American Patchwork and Quilting December 2005. It is made with 2 inch strips which works in with those Wonder Blocks. 

 I have made five so far. 

 Retro Crossroads is the other pattern I came across, but I may have already done this one I need to check my tub of finished quilt tops that still need quilting. 
I am still looking for the turtle pattern but I not sure it is safe for me to continue looking so if any of you still have the magazine with the pattern please let me know. I may be able to graft it on my own, it was just squares and HST's but a pattern would be so much easier. 

Have a good day and in you are in North Alabama stay dry cause it is still raining and predicted to continue another day. 


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