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Friday, January 15, 2016

A Ripper of a Day

That is seam ripper in major use this morning. Last night my plans were to quilt that baby quilt this morning. However my leg hurt so much during the night that I didn't rest well and since I have to work this evening I thought that would be too much time on my feet. So the next best plan was to work on my mystery quilt, just had one more block to finish but a piece was missing. I still had the setting triangles to do. I had pieced two the last time I got to sew. This morning I plowed through the other 16 and discovered the missing piece of the last block so I sewed it together and was ready to start putting the rows together.  I am pressing the setting blocks and discover something doesn't look right.

This is how it should look, it is already attached to the first block.

This is how the other side looked which is all wrong. Guess what? I did all the other 16 this way, so now I have a lot of ripping to do. Thinks I should have just stayed in bed.

Happy stitching or in my case unstitching,


1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I spend more time unsewing than sewing.