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Monday, January 18, 2016

DWM 1-18-16

I guess I should say it is design bed Monday since my design wall is not large enough to hold all these blocks. I finally got all the blocks and setting triangles done and if you read my last post you know I had to piece the setting blocks twice. I hope to get these put together this week. I work late Tuesday and Wednesday so maybe with a little luck that will happen.

The ripping this weekend was not limited to the mystery quilt. The first row I quilted on this baby quilt had to be ripped out. I thought I had my tension right but NOT, it took about 10 minutes to quilt one row and 2 hours to rip it out. After I got that corrected the rest of the quilting went pretty well except for the thread breaking several times.

And the ripping didn't stop there and neither did the thread breaking. A friend wanted me to quilt this flannel quilt for her with no batting. I had the same trouble with the breakage but had my tension right until the last two rows I did before I stopped for the day on Saturday. I had quilted two rows without the thread breaking and was really happy. Planned to finish it on Sunday and get her second flannel quilt done as well. That was when I discovered those last two rows had to be picked out due to tension trouble.  It took most of the afternoon to finish this one so I am going to wait until I get a different spool of thread before I quilt the second one.

Hope things go better this week. Happy quilting everyone.



  1. Sometimes our equipment just doesn't want to play right with us. Not our fault but the gremlins. Ripping out stitches is not fun.

  2. Sounds like Butch needs to stop by this weekend and check out the tension?