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Friday, November 20, 2015

An almost finish Friday

I haven't got to do much sewing this week okay really no sewing this week, so I was going into withdrawals. I had the blocks finished. Just need to press and square the last 14, so I got that done this morning and thought I would see how much of it I could get sewn together. Things went very smoothly and I got the whole thing put together. YEA I even got two of the borders sewn on to it. The other two are cut but will have to wait since work calls. Working again in the morning so maybe can get the other two borders on tomorrow night. Check back later to see it with borders.


Monday, November 16, 2015

DWM 11-16=15

This morning I finished the last of the 63 blocks I needed.

After I play around a little with the placement of the blocks, these will start to come down off the design wall. I really cleaned up some 30's scraps with this one. I have a few 2 1/2 inch strips left and the fabric that was too small for that I am cutting into 2 x 3 1/2 inch rectangles for another easy block I have used before. However I am not starting on the block until I finish at least two more projects. It is good to see some empty project boxes.

Got to work today and not sure how much sewing I will get done this week. Wednesday is my off day but I am taking Daddy to Birmingham to see a doctor there for surgery on his chin. This will be the second surgery and there is skin cancer involved this time. I hope they are able to help him, he has lost too much weight because he is having trouble eating.

FYI if you are sewing for Christmas you have less than 40 days, get busy. Laughing because I have done nothing for Christmas yet.


Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Finish

Friday 13th and I have a finish for my Finish Four challenge. I not only added the border to the 30's pinwheel I also made the binding. I already had a wide back in 30's fabric so this stack has moved to That Quilted Place and it will go in to que for quilting. 

I had the binding already made for this trip around the world wall hanging or lap quilt but had not been able to find a back that went with it so today I just decided to go with a white back. So it is pieced and moved out to the quilt studio. So that will count as finish number two. 

Before I even finished the pinwheels quilt I was trying to think of some way to use the scraps. I looked around the internet and found a pattern that put 12 squares together and then add frames to 2 sides. 

Then twist and turn them kind of like a rail fence. 

It makes a 8 inch block. At first I thought I would set them 8 x 10 using 80 blocks. Then I thought that I could set them 6 x 9 with a black 30's print border. I think I will change that to 7 x 9 which will finish 56 x 72 before borders. I have 46 blocks completed so far but it is going faster than I thought. This may be my number 3 finish or I have another quilt top that I have decided to enlarge by adding a border so who knows. 

Keep stitching, 


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Finish Four

It is Wednesday morning and I have a little time to sew, and as I was piecing some blocks together I was thinking about some fabric that I got at Donna Nix's fabric sale. There is an old Fons and Porter pattern that I want to do but it required a lot yardage of two fabrics for the alternate block and I finally found two that go great together at Donna's sale. The other block is a scrapy nine patch if I remember correctly. So I am committing myself to finish four projects at least to the next stage before I start this new one. It can be quilting a top that is already pieced or finish piecing one of the many I have started.
The question is which will it be? 
Will it be this one that I am calling Lime Crystals, which is from Bonnie Hunters last book which I have misplaced or lost. I think I can wing the sashing and border by just looking at the picture, but I would really like to find the book. 

Will it be quilting this one. I thought I had a picture of my finished top. 

Will it be this one that I have decided to make larger. I think I have enough blocks made to make it a king size, but I am still hunting a black paisley print for the border. 

Or will it be this one which I think the consensus from my last post is that I should add a border. 

Oh and remember this scrapy trip Alabama quilt I still haven't decided what to do on this one. 

This top still need quilting. 

This little table runner needs borders and quilting. 

This top has been ready to quilt for a long time. 

Oh I have to quit looking back at old pictures, I am finding too many unfinished projects. I have to stop and get back to sewing. I will finish four before starting anything else, I will. 


Sunday, November 8, 2015


Despite all my lists and good intentions I have a major problem sticking with one project until it is finished. The last post was of all or I should say part of my unfinished projects and yet I started another. I have several kits waiting in the wings and this one just kind of called out to me. I wanted to work on something different, something with new fabric. This was one of the strip club kits from Quilters Refuge. The strip club patterns were all made from 2 1/2 inch strips and this kit was pre-cut from 30's reproduction fabric. The pattern is called All Stars.

The original pattern left partial pinwheels hanging on the edge and I really didn't care for that so I figured out a way to add blocks that will finish the pinwheels and make them appear to be floating in the white background.
I have it all put together now and it measures 72 x 84 which is a nice size. I originally thought I would add a border but now I am not sure. I have a red 30's print that I could use, but I need some feedback. Please if you are reading this let me know what you think about a border.


Friday, October 9, 2015

WIP List

This past week I have been making me a daily list of little things to do. It has given me a great since of accomplishment to mark these items off the list each day. It may be a specific item that is one and done or it might be a more general item such as to just work on a specific project. I realize I have a lot of items that can't be completed in one day especially since I am still working full time, but if I list work on an item and I do even just a little on it, at least it is not moving to the UFO pile. With this in mind I thought I would make a list of my Works In Progress. 

1. Lime Crystals
2. Jamestown Landing in green for Danielle and Thomas 
3. Black and White disappearing nine patch for Tyler and Roberta 
4. Tossed Greens and applique project 
5. Flip Flops for Kelly 
6. Blue Ridge Beauty 
7. Spider Web 
8. Alabama scrappy trip around the world 
9. Searching - RWB flying geese 
10. Blue and Yellow Irish Chain 
11. 2006 civil war BOM 
12. Double Wedding Ring 
13. Blue and Tan table runner 
14. As the Crow Flies, more applique 
15. Blue and White Carpenter Wheel 
16. Stepping Stones 

These are just the ones I can name looking at the outside of all the project boxes.  There are other boxes with multiple projects in them. This list does not include any of the kits that I have  that are not started. These are all projects of which I have already spent a good deal of time. I am going to make every effort to finish some of these projects before I start anything else. 

Maybe in another post I will list all the tops that I have finished but still need quilting. That is another whole category. I also need to make a list of those kits waiting to be started. This is pretty overwhelming but then it is 15 years worth of quilting. I guess as long as I am still feeling creative and loving the process, then it is okay.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Productive Weedend

I had another Saturday off, I am not sure how I got so many in a row but I wasn't about to say anything about it to anyone. I am sure it will catch up with me especially since we are about to enter the holiday season of retail. I closed Friday night so I had some time Friday morning to work a little in the sewing room. I decided I would be more productive if I made a list. I didn't get everything done on my list but I did get the bindings made for two different quilts.

Saturday's list was longer and included the items not finished on Friday. One of the things on my list was to re-quilt this old quilt that belonged to my niece's husband. She had brought it to me last year to see if I could repair it. I should have said no right up front, but of course I didn't . I tried to just hand sewing it back together. It was strange that it was the thread that was gone not the fabric. A lot of the seams were just gone. I was about to give up on it before I got my longarm, but then decided I might be able to load it on the machine and just re-quilt it. It only took about 30 minutes to take out the old quilting. It had an old nylon blanket for the batting so I threw that away. The top is large churn dash blocks so I was able to sew up most of the seams on my machine. I loaded this quilt Saturday morning and thankfully I had no trouble with tension or thread breakage because I had enough trouble with the old top. It didn't lay flat, wasn't straight, still had some holes in it, but I got it quilted.

I even found and old muddy gold fossil fern fabric for the binding which I made and got sewn on so that all I need now is to whip the binding down. So glad to get this out of my to be done pile.

I decided I wanted to give the Sisters Nine Patch to someone as a retirement gift and I would need it by next weekend so I quilted it and then spent Sunday night TV time whipping the binding down.

On Saturday afternoon I also made a trip to Tanner to check on Daddy, he had surgery on his chin Friday and of course he didn't tell me about it until Thursday night when I called. He had already asked my aunt and uncle to carry him because he figured I would have to work. After a long visit I went on to Athens to Clarks Restaurant  and got supper for me and Johnny. My nephew owns Clark's and he is a great chef, voted best steak in town two years in a row.

Starting another busy week so not sure how much will get done this week, but I feel good about all I got done this past weekend. I think making the list each day helped keep me focused, so I will try it for a while.

Happy quilting and have a good week.