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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Customer Request

A friend of a friend called and asked if I would make a baby quilt for her. She had order her fabric on line and sent me a picture of how she wanted it made. She wanted a scalloped edge. I have done a scalloped edge before but it has been a long time. Now I remember why.

I got it done. There was no piecing involved just quilted front and back and scalloped the edges. It might have been easier if I had the scallop  edge ruler, but I used a paper template. She was happy and I guess we all grow from challenges.

About another challenge later.


Sunday, August 7, 2016

project bags

I found these blocks mostly complete just had to finish a few and put them together. The pattern was called Flower Girl by Me and My Sister design. I had actually kept the pattern in the project bag with the blocks and the extra fabric needed to complete the blocks. The pattern called for 25 blocks but I had cut out enough for 35 blocks.

This striped fabric is what I have for a border and that will require mitered corners, not a favorite. I don't have, but think I may look for a solid blue or green for a small inner border. Not sure yet and it may take a while to get up the nerve to cut and miter these borders. I think I have enough of one of the yellow florals for the back and if the border print gets the best of me I could put it on the back, but I would hate to waste it there.

I got the 30's top put together, only had 20 blocks not 30, don't know where I got that number. I thought I might get a blue solid for the border but it is a nice crib size now, will just have to see what I can find. Either was this is another project bag gone, YEA!

I am still digging so check back to see what else I have found and what other inspiration has hit.

Friday, August 5, 2016

30's project bag

My last two post have shown two different baby quilts I made from 30's reproduction fabric. I really don't have a big stash of 30's (not near as much as my friend Donna) just an average size tub. Whereas with civil war reproduction fabric I have two tubs the same size as the 30's one plus four smaller tubs. I have every intention of cleaning out some of my project bags while I am recuperating from foot surgery and I found this bag  Wednesday night. I had 8 blocks finished and the components pieced for 21 more for a total of 30 blocks. I have all the blocks put together now I just need to lay them out so I can spread the fabrics around. I think these were made from a jelly roll. I thought about making 3 baby quilts from them but have decided against that. Hopefully will get these put together tomorrow. This would be a good one to put on the machine to quilt first. It has been so long since I have been out to the quilting shed so I will have to relearn it I'm sure. I have another quilt for a customer that it waiting on quilting but need to practice on one of mine first.

I have the blocks from another project bag put together just waiting on the border. It's not 30's but is an older line of fabric from April Cornell (yellows and blues) check back later for photos.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

30's continued

I guess I kind of over cut when cutting strips for the Dancing Nines. I had a good many parts left over so just cut a few more and made this Rick Rack Nine baby size. This in another Bonnie Hunter pattern that I just made smaller. I think there were 48 nine patches in this one. I think I still have two nine patch units left so they will go in the orphan block bin. Now to get this one as well as the Dancing Nines quilted. Hopefully these two baby quilts satisfied my need to start something new and I can get back to finishing up some older projects.

I found a couple of project bags where most of the work was done, just needs putting together. Check back later for their story and can you believe one of them is another 30's pattern.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Back in the sewing room

June 13th I had surgery on my left foot. Didn't think it would be such a big deal, WRONG.
The doctor wanted me not to go back to work for 6 weeks when he would take the pin out of my toe. Well last Tuesday he took the pin out and he was right I didn't feel a thing. But the news I didn't want was I still could not go back to work for another 3 weeks. I had not been able to do much especially sew. My sewing cabinet has shelves underneath so I couldn't get this boot up under them. I tried moving my machine to the kitchen table but it was too high. Even sitting on 2 pillows my back would start hurting after sewing only 30 minutes so I moved it back to the sewing room. Well when I got the news I would still  be home another 3 weeks I said something had to give. With the pin out of my toe I could get the boot up closer, still not close enough to use the knee lift but close enough to sew.

I had been working on unfinished projects before the surgery but now I wanted to work on something fresh. Since I would not be getting paid for these added 3 weeks off I thought I would make a baby quilt and try to sell it. 30's are always a good look for baby quilts and the Dancing Nines by Bonnie Hunter is a fun quilt.

I like to make a crib size quilt so it is big enough for the baby to grow with a while.

I got the blocks made, sewn together and borders added in two days. Hopefully I can get it quilted soon.

Check back for my next 30's project.


Monday, May 23, 2016

DWM 5-23-16

It has been another busy week. Last weekend I got this quilted finally. This was a mystery quilt that we did at the Red Rooster Retreat several years ago. It really wasn't me so I donated it to Ivy for her quilts for Habitat. After I got my long arm I told Ivy I would quilt some of her charity quilts for her, well guess which one she asked me to do?

This was a huge quilt 100 x 115, I wanted to try this cabbage rose pattern. By the time I got to the end of that thing I wasn't sure I ever want to do another cabbage rose but I had gotten better at it. I also quilted Holiday Chorus for Ann. This was a quilt block of the month that I taught at Quilters Refuge several years ago. No Picture.

The rest of the week I worked on this t-shirt quilt. It is just a small throw. I got it quilted and bound on my off day Friday. I was trying to make a label for it but somehow my thread got tangled up around the spindle and broke my needle. I replaced the needle but it still wouldn't work right kept dropping the needle out. I think it may have bent the needle shaft so I will carry it to Ken's to see if they can fix it. Just made me cry, haven't had the machine 6 months.

Didn't do a lot yesterday, just made a few more of these blocks. I thought I had enough HST's to do 120 blocks but only have enough for 113. So do I change my setting to 9 x12 or 10 x 11 or do I make enough HST's to do 7 more blocks so I can set it 10 x 12?

Got another busy work week ahead, but hope to squeeze some sewing.


Monday, May 9, 2016

DWM 5-9-16

I haven't got a lot of sewing done in the last couple of weeks. Working on my split nine patch my box of squares had gotten so mixed up I had to take time to straighten them up. I have made a few more blocks.
I made up a list of unfinished projects back on March 6th and I have been pretty good about working only on something I had already started or on something for someone else. That is until last weekend.

I saw this pattern on facebook and it was so different I had to try it. It is a simple rail fence but adding the HST . The key is in the direction the block is turned to make the rows. I am using the same light and civil war fabrics for the dark. I am also using Thangles to make the HSTs.

Got a few more blocks done this weekend. Did not even sit down to the machine Monday through Thursday, very rough week at work. Hope this is one is better although not counting on it.

I did finish quilting this one yesterday, I has loaded it on the machine and did a couple of rows last weekend hoping to work on it after work one day but that didn't happen. I have a charity quilt on the machine now that I would really like to get done before Saturday.

Have a good week.