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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Show and Tell

The Quilt Lovers Guild met Tuesday night at Ivy's house and despite the weather we had a good turnout. Cathy demoed a binding tool that I had seen before but this time it made sense. There were also lots of show and tell.

Becky was our spotlight person and in the info she said she started her first quilt while in college. She brought it for show and tell. Her grandmother hand quilted it for her. Absolutely gorgeous. 

This is another quilt from Becky. It is 10 inch squares with one corner sewed off. Makes a very interesting design.

Marty showed this top of houses and trees. She said it was the most fun she had had piecing in a long time.

This was Ivy's half yard challenge from last year. Due to foot surgery she was not able to complete in time for the December meeting. So she presented it to Mary Lou Tuesday night, better late than never, also why mine for this year is ready to quilt early.

I believe it was Laura who showed this. It was a gift but she borrowed it back to show.

This is another one Ivy shared. It was gifted to her from Francine.

Another from Laura. She is donating this on to the Renegade Group that makes quilts geared for boys.
Dianna brought two of her little monthly wall hangings.

Then she set up this card table. Wasn't sure what was going on until she unfolded this.

Do you think she loves those grand babies?

I showed my En Province, Spinning out of Control and the baby frog quilt which I have shown in previous post. Hopefully I didn't miss anyone or put the wrong name on a quilt, can't always see who is showing it.

Each month from the sign in list there is a drawing for door prize (which I won in February) and then a name is drawn for a UFO challenge. The person whose name is drawn has to complete a UFO and bring to the next meeting. For some reason I didn't have my camera ready so I didn't get a picture of Elaine's Mondo bag that she finished. Well guess who's name was chosen for next month, yep mine. While that shouldn't be a problem, I think I will try to finish one of those projects that keep getting pushed back so that it will really be a challenge for me. I have 3 in mind just haven't selected one yet.

Happy Stitching,


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Thank You Stars update

I have done very well on my weekly goals this week, but as usual I am already coming up with other ideas. I just hope I don't forget them before I get a chance to get back to them. The fact that I didn't stop what I was doing and start putting it together right then is amazing, but the day is not over yet.

1. Finish quilting En Provence -- started it on Saturday ---- done
2. Make 12 more of the Thank You Stars---- done
3. Finish binding Spinning out of Control----done
4. Finish binding on Not a Wink ---- about 30 inches left to do
5. Put zigzag blocks together
6. work on pillow from left overs of zigzag blocks
7. bind En Provence---- about 30 inches left to finish

Yes I got to within 30 or so inches of binding all of En Provence yesterday and this is a 87 inch square quilt. I watched a marathon of Love It or List It and stitched.

I had 4 of the Thank You Stars left to piece this morning and I got them knocked out and started auditioning sashing fabric. I had mentioned I might try a cheddar but the only one I had enough of was too bright (not as bright as the picture). The one I liked I only had a yard of and need 1.75 yards.

This one I thought might be a real contender because in looked more like the fabric used in the pattern but also was a little light.

I also said I might try a gold and even though it looked better in person than in the picture I didn't feel it was right.

I tried a darker beige but BLAH.

I had another civil war piece the was dark gold with tiny black circles or rings. I thought if photographed a little green so wasn't sure about it.

So I pulled in my color advisor and got his opinion, especially since I was making it to go on the bed in his radio room. Surprisingly he was not opposed to the cheddar that I didn't have enough of but like me didn't care for the one that I had enough yardage. I could check with some of my friends to see if they had any but he said the dark gold was probably the best choice. When you put it with the navy I am going to use for corner stones and then navy for an outside border I think it will work. I have other things still to do on my weekly goals so I will hold off on cutting the sashing and who knows something else may turn up.

Happy Stitching,


Monday, March 6, 2017

DWM 3-6-17

I have 12 of the Thank You Stars done, only 8 more to go. I still need to find a sashing fabric. The pattern showed a darker tan stripe with blue corner stones, it did not have a border. I have a piece on blue on blue that has flags in it that I think I will have enough of for borders. I was thinking more of a gold maybe even a cheddar or a red for the sash strips. Just not sure yet, will have to dig into the stash to see what I can find. I didn't think I had enough different blues for the center of the blocks but I kept digging and found 7 or 8 different ones so they are not repeating to often.

I finished quilting En Provence yesterday afternoon, so that is one off my weekly goals.

Then I quilted this little baby quilt with the frog on the lily pad border. It is 42 inches square. It is a bonus finish not on a goal list.  I am keeping a log of everything I quilt and the little one was number 99. Not sure which top I will load for number 100 but it will be a landmark moment.

Happy Stitching,


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly Goals

It was last night before I finished last weeks goals, but I did get them done. I had thought this week that I might just make my goals all quilted items. Probably just commit to quilting 7 items not specific, just see where my interest led me. However I got to thinking about the week ahead and decided that was unrealistic. I have two guild meetings, a doctors appointment and I need to see about getting our taxes done plus it is supposed to rain and I don't usually go out to the quilt shack when it is raining. So this week my goals are going to be a little less demanding.

1. Finish quilting En Provence -- started it on Saturday
2. Make 12 more of the Thank You Stars
3. Finish binding Spinning out of Control
4. Finish binding on Not a Wink
5. Put zigzag blocks together
6. work on pillow from left overs of zigzag blocks
7. bind En Provence

Looks like I am scheduling myself a lot of chair time with all this binding but 3 & 4 are partially done so I think it is doable.

Join me and make some goals for yourself. It doesn't have to be 7 different things, it can be to just finish one item. It is very satisfying to finish some things and if I don't get to all my items no big deal it will just go back on another list. Eventually I will get to it.

Happy Stitching


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Blocks and Bibs

Yesterday while it was storming I pulled out my basked of individual patterns. I sorted some into the I still really like pile, them but put on the back burner for now. Then I sorted some of the smaller projects that were seasonal and put them in order of things I need to do now for the next season or they will just wait until next time. I did find the pattern for the black, red and tan quilt that I showed at stitch day last Saturday so I will carry the pattern to Sue. She thought it would make a nice "Quilt of Valor" with a change of colors.I even culled some patterns as will not ever do these and set them aside to give away.  AND then I found a pattern that just jumped out and grabbed me, calling now, now, now so of course I had to try at least a block. It is called Thank You Stars but Fons and Porter. The first block went so well I cut out 5 more, you know, just to see how they would look together.

I think they will do nicely. In the pattern they are sashed with a darker tan and dark blue cornerstones. It doesn't have a border but I think I will add one to make it the size I need. Only 14 more blocks to go. I should have taken down the 3 little red and tan blocks on the right, that is just a little something I am playing with, not sure where it is going yet.

I got a very early start this morning and I think I had these made before 8 o'clock. I know I was vacuuming at 8. After breakfast I got started making baby bibs. I had made 4 to put in my booth at Antique Basket and when I picked up my check yesterday (surprised that I made anything for a February) she said I had sold 2 of the bibs.

I had left over Winnie the Pooh fabric so I made these.

I bought these bunnies when the Easter fabric was on sale.

I can always count on anything Alabama selling so I made one for the team and to be fair made one for Auburn as well.

Sorry the Bama one is a little blurry.

Then I wanted to try something a little extra. Baby's first birthday is a big deal so I made one to celebrate.

I tried to make it gender neutral. I have a lime green chevron on the back. It has been a while since I did any machine applique' and I think this one took as long to make as all the others put together. 

The first one took a little while to figure out how and where to sew the Velcro before putting the parts together.  On the first bibs I sewed snaps on by hand. Once I figured out placement the Velcro went a lot faster.

I am going to deliver these tomorrow and do the grocery shopping but maybe I will find time to get back on those blocks and maybe get back out to the quilt shack on Saturday.

Happy stitching,


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

30 Something

Tonight I finished the 30 Something baby quilt. Correction to previous post, I reduced this pattern by two rows in both directions instead on one. I made 12 of the modified churn dash blocks instead of 30 in the original pattern. So this is one marked off my weekly goals. In fact I have done very well on the list and this is only Tuesday. Thankfully I got both of the quits on my list quilted yesterday. It has stormed here most of the day and is supposed to be worse tomorrow. I don't like to have my machines plugged in when it is lightening. The back is pieced and binding made for the half yard challenge so that is another one checked off the list. I got enough four patch blocks done on Sunday afternoon to cover the first month of our stitch group challenge. Now all I have left on the list is the 6 zigzag blocks and I did get all the strips sewn today so I just have to cut them up and piece the blocks. Last on the list is the rainbow challenge blocks and I am waiting on the next color to be announced.

Happy stitching,


Monday, February 27, 2017

36th Anniversary

Today Johnny and I have been married 36 years. I am not sure where all the time has gone but we have had a very event filled and happy life together. We have a lot in common but we both have other interests that give us our space. I think that is what makes it work. He shared a cartoon the other day that said marriage was hollering "what" from one room to the next and that is definitely us these days.

Today is also design wall Monday and I have something new on the wall. I know I said I wasn't going to start anything new just for the sake of starting something. Anything new had to have a purpose, like the Winnie the Pooh baby quilt, but I fell off the wagon. Thursday night I was looking through some magazines making sure I really needed to hang on to them when I came across one I had been saving. June 2015 American Patchwork had a pattern that I liked called 30 Something. Of course I started cutting that night. My mother always said if you start something on Friday you will never finish it so since this was a Thursday night I was good to go. Judging all my UFO's I must have started a bunch of stuff on Fridays.

I have two more rows to go and the pieced borders. I reduced it one row each direction from the pattern to make it a baby quilt size rather than a throw. I have been doing a lot from my scrap drawers lately but I did a lot of cutting on this one. I did strip piece it rather than the individual pieces listed in the pattern. I plan to finish the top this week then it will move to my pile to be quilted.

Speaking of quilting, last night I made the comment that I get lonely out in the quilt shack when I'm quilting and Johnny says "do you want me to come out and sing to you?" This is the kind of thing that has kept us going 36 years. Oh and he can sing unlike me. He once said "I used to wish I could sing now I wish you could" I think at the time we were on a painting project and my trying to sing got me out of it. Many happy memories.

Until later, happy stitching.