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Monday, May 23, 2016

DWM 5-23-16

It has been another busy week. Last weekend I got this quilted finally. This was a mystery quilt that we did at the Red Rooster Retreat several years ago. It really wasn't me so I donated it to Ivy for her quilts for Habitat. After I got my long arm I told Ivy I would quilt some of her charity quilts for her, well guess which one she asked me to do?

This was a huge quilt 100 x 115, I wanted to try this cabbage rose pattern. By the time I got to the end of that thing I wasn't sure I ever want to do another cabbage rose but I had gotten better at it. I also quilted Holiday Chorus for Ann. This was a quilt block of the month that I taught at Quilters Refuge several years ago. No Picture.

The rest of the week I worked on this t-shirt quilt. It is just a small throw. I got it quilted and bound on my off day Friday. I was trying to make a label for it but somehow my thread got tangled up around the spindle and broke my needle. I replaced the needle but it still wouldn't work right kept dropping the needle out. I think it may have bent the needle shaft so I will carry it to Ken's to see if they can fix it. Just made me cry, haven't had the machine 6 months.

Didn't do a lot yesterday, just made a few more of these blocks. I thought I had enough HST's to do 120 blocks but only have enough for 113. So do I change my setting to 9 x12 or 10 x 11 or do I make enough HST's to do 7 more blocks so I can set it 10 x 12?

Got another busy work week ahead, but hope to squeeze some sewing.


Monday, May 9, 2016

DWM 5-9-16

I haven't got a lot of sewing done in the last couple of weeks. Working on my split nine patch my box of squares had gotten so mixed up I had to take time to straighten them up. I have made a few more blocks.
I made up a list of unfinished projects back on March 6th and I have been pretty good about working only on something I had already started or on something for someone else. That is until last weekend.

I saw this pattern on facebook and it was so different I had to try it. It is a simple rail fence but adding the HST . The key is in the direction the block is turned to make the rows. I am using the same light and civil war fabrics for the dark. I am also using Thangles to make the HSTs.

Got a few more blocks done this weekend. Did not even sit down to the machine Monday through Thursday, very rough week at work. Hope this is one is better although not counting on it.

I did finish quilting this one yesterday, I has loaded it on the machine and did a couple of rows last weekend hoping to work on it after work one day but that didn't happen. I have a charity quilt on the machine now that I would really like to get done before Saturday.

Have a good week.


Monday, April 25, 2016

DWM 4-25-16

I have gotten a little more done on the split nine patch friendship stars or pinwheels. Six of the twelve blocks are done. I worked a little in between other projects on more half square triangles. I have a box of six inch squares that came home with me from Ada's a couple of years ago. We made several disappearing nine patch quilts from these for charity but the box is still full. I have been using these for my  half square triangles. I can get eight from one light and one dark.

I put the last stitch on the binding last night during the Good Wife, so this is another one I can mark off my list.

I finished the T-shirt quilt and her mom Jamie picked it up Friday. She loved it, said it was beyond her expectations.

Can you see I quilted her name in at the bottom.
I am liking using the same back fabric for the label, and using the same color thread is very subtle.

I have another quilt on the machine and hope to get it quilted this week.

Happy stitching to all.


Monday, April 18, 2016

DWM 4-18-16

I have put another two of the split nine patch friendship stars together so that is four down and 8 to go. I have also been playing around with single blocks and neutral blocks as a border.

Cleaning a little on the sewing room I found these blocks or block components, but no block put together. That is very unlike me to not make at least one block. Of course there was no pattern with them but I was thinking it was probably a Bonnie Hunter pattern since I do so many of hers. Couldn't find anything like it on her side so I put them on the back burner until something else turned up on them. Low and behold on Jo's Country Junction's blog the other day she posted a picture someone had sent her of one of her free patterns she had done several years ago. Christmas stars.

I would never have put the block together like this on my own, but love the secondary pattern when you put four blocks together.
Her quilt has 120 blocks set 10 x 12. I don't have near that many units made but it is something I can work on in between projects.

Got to go to work today so happy quilting.


Friday, April 15, 2016

T-shirt quilt for Macy I

This is my second t-shirt quilt to make for someone. The first one I sewed t-shirt to t-shirt with no sashing. This one is for a graduation gift for a cousin. She already has her linens for her dorm room, this girl likes to plan ahead. So turquoise was her choice. I hope to quilt it tomorrow. I have the back and binding ready to go but still need to do the label. I hope she is happy with it.

Meanwhile in the little sewing time I have left before getting ready for work tonight I think I will make a few more of these split nine patches. I will use some to make these large friendship star blocks and others for the border.

This is all apart of my finish up project list. The only new things I have done are for customers. If I get bored with one project I have plenty of other previously started projects to work on, but it really is tempting to start on something brand new. I have several kits still sitting in the box but I am trying not to start anything else. Although since they are already bought and paid for it wouldn't be like I was going out and buying something new. I feel a slip coming on.

Happy quilting


Thursday, April 7, 2016

stitch day show and tell

I think I have this right the top one is mine, the middle one belongs to Ivy and the bottom one to Donna. I changed the gray to brown and the black to dark green. Ivy changed the gray to brown and the black to purple, Donna choose the original colors.

Francine showing one of her applique quilts.

Can't see a face on this one.
Think it is Francine.
Sue has a block to share.
Think this is Donna, I have got to start posting these sooner.

Think this is one that Ada had left from the shop days.
I believe this is one Barbara was binding that day.

I will try to do better when I take pictures the next time and post them in a more timely manor.


Monday, April 4, 2016

4-4-16 DWM

I'm Back! I know it has been a while, ok a long time since I posted. It is just that almost everything I worked on in March was for a gift or a customer and I couldn't let the cat out of the bag too early.

First I had Tyler's Turtle for Jamie Cambell, less than 3 weeks now until his arrival.
Learning to do labels too.
Next was Twinkling Stars for Jessica Flemming, her little one is due in about 6 weeks.

Then there was Best Wishes for Sarah Decker and her Mathew. It looks like I didn't get a picture of the label but the wedding is April 30th.

I then made a T-shirt quilt for a customer. it was the first one for me but I guess not the last since a cousin brought me t-shirts Saturday to do one for her daughter.

So it has been a busy month. I have also been trying to finish up some old projects such as the first picture here. I found these Dutchman Puzzle blocks. It has now moved to the design bed for placement.

I plan to finish putting these rows together before I start the next T-shirt project but borders will have to wait.

Happy quilting.