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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A better day

Today was a better work day. It was just me  and Johnny and we work well together. Yesterday Daddy was helping and I don't know but he seems to make it harder than it should be. I have to remember he is 84 years old and a lot of things have changed in his time.

We got seven pieces of drywall hung today. Finished both the east and south wall. I think the west wall will go faster because we don't have as much to cut around.

The west wall only has plugs to cut around and the north wall has the door and breaker box, but we don't think it will take as long as today. We still have overhead, wish we had done that first, a lot to do before we can start mudding all of it.

Right now Lucy wants no part of the building. Hopefully that will change when every

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Patience is in short supply around here today. One day of vacation down and only one sheet of drywall hung. At this rate we will decorating for Christmas before this quilt room is finished. Maybe a better day tomorrow.


Sunday, May 31, 2015

That Quilted Place

I haven't spent a lot of time sewing these last few weeks, but when I did this is what I have been working on. The pattern is from Bonnie Hunter's latest book More Adventures With Leaders and Enders and the quilt pattern is Scrap Crystals.

This is the main reason I haven't done a lot of sewing. I have bought a building to hold a Gammill long arm quilting machine. We are finishing the inside ourselves or I should say hubby and my 84 year of daddy are doing most of the work. I did help hang the insulation.

But I am leaving all the electrical stuff to them. I will help with the drywall and the flooring, which I hope happens this week.

I am so excited about  being able to quilt all my quilt tops that have been piling up. Going back through some of them today I realized I had forgotten some of them, so it will be good to get them totally finished.

Wish me luck this week, and happy sewing to all.


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just Read


A sweet book, finished it last night about one a.m.

Got to get everything packed today for the retreat.

Happy Quilting


Friday, March 13, 2015

Scrap Obsession

I am not sure if it is obsession or more just possession. Quilting over 15 years has resulted in lots of scraps. Since I love to do a lot of Bonnie Hunter's patterns and other scrap patterns, I have tried to organize some of my left over fabric in strip drawers (out grew boxes a long time ago).

This is a plastic drawer system from Wal-Mart. I have 1 1/2 inch strips in the top drawer, 2 inch strips in the middle drawer and 2 1/2 inch strips in the bottom drawer.

I have finished two tops and have 120 blocks made for another top from this bottom drawer this year and am working on a forth and as you can see it is still full. They were packed very tight. The latest scrap top from this drawer is one I think I saw on pinterest .

Ir is a 16 patch framed with 1 1/2 inch white strips. Then sashed and bordered with 2 1/2 inch squares. I have a little bit of everything in here but I think it works. I know I have done at least one from the 2 inch drawer this year and maybe another.

Now this is not to say I have nothing else to work on, most of you know better. I have several pre-cut kits just waiting, but the mood has not struck to start one of these. I have more tops pieced than I can ever get quilted. Will give some to charity and the rest will just be on hold for that maybe someday I can get a long arm quilt machine. Until then I will just keep doing what makes me happy --- piecing.

Happy sewing everyone.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Blossom


I started this quilt last week when I missed a day of work due to 10 inches of snow. I finished the top today because I didn't go to work due to ice. I don't think working at Hobby Lobby is an essential job that warrants driving in hazardous conditions so I stayed at home. And I have something to show for it, another quilt top finished, but also another top added to that pile that needs to be quilted.

The blocks are Bonnie Hunter's Pineapple Blossom but I have set them together in vertical rows with sashing. It measures 62 x 72 so it is a nice couch size quilt.

I used the  sew off corners for my border corners. I may call it Snow Blossom Express. I think I will bind it in the same solid blue that is the inner border but not sure yet.

Come on Spring !!!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow update

I confess I didn't get a lot more sewing done yesterday afternoon. I took what was supposed to be a short break and started reading Karen Rose's latest book "Closer Than You Think". If you are not familiar with her books and you enjoy a good suspense then check her out. This one grabbed me pretty quick and I couldn't put it down.  Read until 11:30 last night and only half way finished (over 600 pages). This morning however I woke up doing the math on my Snow Quilt and decided it was going to be too small so I have already cut everything out for 9 more blocks. This will make 4 rows of 6 blocks each. Hope to sew a little on it this morning before I have to get ready to go back to work. Work sure is interfering with my sew time.

Happy sewing