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Monday, April 18, 2016

DWM 4-18-16

I have put another two of the split nine patch friendship stars together so that is four down and 8 to go. I have also been playing around with single blocks and neutral blocks as a border.

Cleaning a little on the sewing room I found these blocks or block components, but no block put together. That is very unlike me to not make at least one block. Of course there was no pattern with them but I was thinking it was probably a Bonnie Hunter pattern since I do so many of hers. Couldn't find anything like it on her side so I put them on the back burner until something else turned up on them. Low and behold on Jo's Country Junction's blog the other day she posted a picture someone had sent her of one of her free patterns she had done several years ago. Christmas stars.

I would never have put the block together like this on my own, but love the secondary pattern when you put four blocks together.
Her quilt has 120 blocks set 10 x 12. I don't have near that many units made but it is something I can work on in between projects.

Got to go to work today so happy quilting.


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  1. I really like your layout of the split nine patch blocks. I have a box full of scrap squares and HSTs that I have been adding to for about a year now. It's time to make a top with them, thanks for the picture of a different setting.