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Monday, April 4, 2016

4-4-16 DWM

I'm Back! I know it has been a while, ok a long time since I posted. It is just that almost everything I worked on in March was for a gift or a customer and I couldn't let the cat out of the bag too early.

First I had Tyler's Turtle for Jamie Cambell, less than 3 weeks now until his arrival.
Learning to do labels too.
Next was Twinkling Stars for Jessica Flemming, her little one is due in about 6 weeks.

Then there was Best Wishes for Sarah Decker and her Mathew. It looks like I didn't get a picture of the label but the wedding is April 30th.

I then made a T-shirt quilt for a customer. it was the first one for me but I guess not the last since a cousin brought me t-shirts Saturday to do one for her daughter.

So it has been a busy month. I have also been trying to finish up some old projects such as the first picture here. I found these Dutchman Puzzle blocks. It has now moved to the design bed for placement.

I plan to finish putting these rows together before I start the next T-shirt project but borders will have to wait.

Happy quilting.