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Monday, February 22, 2016

DWM 2-22-1 an

I came home from stitch day Saturday in the mood to do something different. I wanted to do something that would use larger pieces of fabrics and I wanted to use up some of those odd fat quarters that are filling up my fat quarter cabinet. I first tried Bonnie Hunters Lozenges but after a few decided that wasn't for me, at least not now. However I had already cut a bunch of 3.5 x 6.5 pieces and I had pulled a black tone one tone and a white tone one tone. So I tried Bonnie's Bricks and Stones. I got carried away making blocks, plus had misread pattern so I made 4 patches until the black ran out and ended up with 55 blocks.

I ended up setting them sideways 5 x 11, still looking at possible borders. I will make a nice little comfy quilt. Not so ugly even though I used a bunch of ugly fabrics.

I didn't really want to put any of that fabric back in the drawer and I had just watched a tutorial on Missouri Star for a quilt she calls Crossroads. So I cut a 2.5 inch strip from those fabrics and have started that one using these same fabrics. I had a charm pack of solid white that I had gotten as a bonus on an order from Missouri Star so I am using that as well.
 I am really liking the technique, and it is making up pretty fast. I am also cutting another 3.5 inch strip from the fabrics to make a larger Brick and Stone. That was one of the fastest patterns I used in a long time. I probably have less than 8 hours in those 55 blocks. Just need to make more strip sets for the crossroads quilt and it will move along pretty quick too.

Got to go to work now, so I will post pictures of stitch day later.



  1. If lozenges involves sewing corners on rectangles I can understand why you wouldn't want to do it.
    The black and white squares make a very clear statement, I love it.
    I love the tutorials by MSQ. A couple of years ago Jenny did a trunk show at a quilt shop near Richmond (Virginia). It was so inspiring.

  2. The Crosswalk pattern is fun. Thanks for sharing. I like your Bricks and Stones one too. Isn't it amazing how ugly mixed with ugly become so pretty!