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Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday catch up

When last I posted I was on vacation and doing some cleaning in the sewing room. I went through a lot of older quilt magazines that I had kept with future projects tagged. I am rather proud of myself I ended up only keeping one out of every six. When I looked at some of the projects I had saved I would just ask myself REALLY? and out it would go. I have given most away to other quilters some just new to the scene. However one magazine I did keep was this Fons and Porter. I have not worked with civil war fabric for quite some time now and this one is one that I had tagged to do. After reading the cutting size of the blocks, if I had not had some 1 inch Thangles this one would have been tossed as well. I just hope I have enough to do the 720 HST's that I need. I may have to make it a little smaller because I only had 3 yards of the setting square and border fabric and it calls for 3 1/4 yards. Hopefully I can cut conservatively enough to make it work.

This was not my original fabric choice, and I even thought about buying something else, but ended up showing Johnny 3 choices and he chose this one. I am glad he did, really liking how it is turning out.

Those that know me well know that I am not one to make all my blocks before putting part of them together. Just can't wait to see how it will look.

Since there may be an issue of enough fabric I thought I would start both ends and just come together somewhere in the middle. Even if I have enough fabric to complete her pattern it is still not a very big quilt.

The pattern calls for a 180 of these little 3 inch finished churn dash blocks. I have about 45 done now and if I can do 10 to 12 a day it won't take long to finish this.

At work yesterday I got a page to call the office. Well, she says my schedule is wrong this week and it is her fault. I was scheduled off Friday and closing Saturday but she had both me and Judy closing Saturday and no one on Friday. So could I change my off day around and work today and be off on Saturday, oh I guess if I have to. Yea right, she didn't know we have a sew day scheduled for Saturday and now I will get to go for the whole day instead of just 2 hours. Sometimes things just work out right! I planned to take my BH mystery to bind but now that I have more time I may carry something else to work on as well.

Happy quilting,


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