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Monday, May 23, 2016

DWM 5-23-16

It has been another busy week. Last weekend I got this quilted finally. This was a mystery quilt that we did at the Red Rooster Retreat several years ago. It really wasn't me so I donated it to Ivy for her quilts for Habitat. After I got my long arm I told Ivy I would quilt some of her charity quilts for her, well guess which one she asked me to do?

This was a huge quilt 100 x 115, I wanted to try this cabbage rose pattern. By the time I got to the end of that thing I wasn't sure I ever want to do another cabbage rose but I had gotten better at it. I also quilted Holiday Chorus for Ann. This was a quilt block of the month that I taught at Quilters Refuge several years ago. No Picture.

The rest of the week I worked on this t-shirt quilt. It is just a small throw. I got it quilted and bound on my off day Friday. I was trying to make a label for it but somehow my thread got tangled up around the spindle and broke my needle. I replaced the needle but it still wouldn't work right kept dropping the needle out. I think it may have bent the needle shaft so I will carry it to Ken's to see if they can fix it. Just made me cry, haven't had the machine 6 months.

Didn't do a lot yesterday, just made a few more of these blocks. I thought I had enough HST's to do 120 blocks but only have enough for 113. So do I change my setting to 9 x12 or 10 x 11 or do I make enough HST's to do 7 more blocks so I can set it 10 x 12?

Got another busy work week ahead, but hope to squeeze some sewing.



  1. Your cabbage roses look great with the quilt design. I really like the design of your bottom quilt. Is it your own design?

    1. no not my design someone else had shared photo

  2. As far as quilts go, I think the bigger, the better! If it were my quilt I'd make the extra blocks.

  3. Love those Churn Dash blocks in the huge quilt. Hope your machine is okay! I'd make extra HSTs and the last few blocks to make it bigger.

  4. I like the look of the cabbage rose quilting, why didn't you like quilting it? I don't want to try it if it is hard to do. thanks for sharing