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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Back in the sewing room

June 13th I had surgery on my left foot. Didn't think it would be such a big deal, WRONG.
The doctor wanted me not to go back to work for 6 weeks when he would take the pin out of my toe. Well last Tuesday he took the pin out and he was right I didn't feel a thing. But the news I didn't want was I still could not go back to work for another 3 weeks. I had not been able to do much especially sew. My sewing cabinet has shelves underneath so I couldn't get this boot up under them. I tried moving my machine to the kitchen table but it was too high. Even sitting on 2 pillows my back would start hurting after sewing only 30 minutes so I moved it back to the sewing room. Well when I got the news I would still  be home another 3 weeks I said something had to give. With the pin out of my toe I could get the boot up closer, still not close enough to use the knee lift but close enough to sew.

I had been working on unfinished projects before the surgery but now I wanted to work on something fresh. Since I would not be getting paid for these added 3 weeks off I thought I would make a baby quilt and try to sell it. 30's are always a good look for baby quilts and the Dancing Nines by Bonnie Hunter is a fun quilt.

I like to make a crib size quilt so it is big enough for the baby to grow with a while.

I got the blocks made, sewn together and borders added in two days. Hopefully I can get it quilted soon.

Check back for my next 30's project.


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  1. Your top is darling. Hope things go well for you.