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Monday, August 27, 2012

another project

I can't stand an empty design wall and my Bow-dasious blocks are done, ready to be set in rows, so I pulled out another UFO that I found while hunting for something else. Imagine that! I don't even remember the name of this block so I can't put it on the list for possible UFO's 2013. I do remember it was a Bonnie Hunter block that appeared in Quiltmaker magazine. See how you make it as both a positive and negative block. Then you put four blocks (two of each) together to make a block. I don't think that issue of the magazine even had a layout, but I do think she showed one in a latter blog, but this was a long time ago. Can anyone help me with the name of the pattern. Also I need help deciding out to lay them out.

This way has the blocks laid so that the dark corners are together and then the light corners are together. It gives it more of a boxy look I think, but I like it.

This layout has the four corners coming together in a true four patch. This layout gives it a more linear look and you get a totally different look with the lights. After I had the second one on the wall I thought I liked it the best but now looking at the pictures I'm not sure. Isn't is amazing how just a ninety degree turn of the block changed things so much. Tell me which one makes the cut.

I have nine block made and enough cut out for another 15.It is an 8 inch block so I will need a good many more for a bed size quilt. I would like to finish this before it even made it to a UFO challenge list but I have a lot to do over the next few months. First the Athens PieceMakers Quilt Guild show is Sept. 14,15 and 16. I still one rod pocket and several labels to finish before then. After that I have to complete some Christmas gifts. You do know that Christmas is less than four months away, which is still a good ways off unless you are making gifts, then it is not so long. I have done better this year, usually I don't think about making anything until Oct. or Nov. .

I can't think of any major drama going on this week and we grilled yesterday so enough cooked for two or three days so maybe I can get some serious sewing in this week. I wish for all of you a good sewing week as well.


  1. I like both -- it always fascinates me how by changing positions, you change the whole look of a quilt top -- fun stuff to play with, don't you think? :)

  2. Amazing block........Glad you found it....

  3. I think I like the second version a little better. Have fun playing with it.

  4. I think I like the top version as it creats more movement for the eye to follow. And I do know about finding partial projects that you didn't remember you had. Wow, 5 leaders in 8 months: that's a lot.

  5. Great looking blocks. Isn't it fun to twist and turn on the design wall.

    Bonnie has a tab on her blog-Addicted to Scraps. She calls it Carolina Chain.

  6. Missed u Thursday. Did u get ur problem resolved? I need a big dose of "inspiration" to get me motivated. Can't seem to find any here on my own. Been preoccupied with preparing for my upcoming trip. So looking forward to it. Hey to Johnny and Lucy. Have a great week!
    U Sew Girl,

  7. Isn't it interesting how the quilt looks with different layouts. I think I like the second one best but both are great.

  8. It looks like Judy already got back to you with the name -- Carolina Chain. I made one in 2010. I renamed mine hopscotch eventually and ended up with it set on the diagonal. Yours is looking fun. Enjoy choosing the final layout.

  9. Interesting pattern. I like the second lay out best. Good luck getting this one farther down the road to completion.