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Monday, September 30, 2013

Design Wall Monday

This is an overall look at my design wall, yes there is a lot going on there. After my clean up Friday morning I wanted some sew time. I knew I really needed to finish several things but last Saturday Faye had shared this pattern I think it was called Charming Addition from American Patchwork magazine. Everyone knows I like a challenge and a puzzle, well this one fits the bill.

I was smart enough to cut it down to a baby quilt and choose to use 30's reproduction fabric. I got this far on Friday. As you can see I added a little more over the weekend. Faye had made a really nice grid for me and that has really helped. I plan to make it about 40 x 48 inches.  The pattern has you put it together in rows. Faye chose to block it off in sections or blocks of 36 squares but I decided to use the 2/4 method I use most often and make a 16 patch block. It is still a challenge keeping everything in order, what connects to what. So after a couple of hours of that I thought I needed a break.

I was reading Jo's Country Junction blog and she showed Kelli's Christmas Star again. A simple pattern but very striking. Half the pattern is green and neutral four patches, mindless sewing. So pull out the 2 1/2 inch strip drawer and start strip piecing (something I couldn't do in the above quilt). As I am sub-cutting the first strip I start thinking I have already started this quilt , I just know I have but I didn't see it in my cleaning Friday. Keep cutting more convinced I have this already started somewhere. Start digging through boxes again and I am right. I have three blocks done and parts and pieces for several others, not the whole quilt so even with the strips I have done this weekend I will still need more. I put four blocks together so that you can see the pattern.

I really like how both the red and green chain though out the quilt. Check out Jo's blog to see the whole quilt or wait for me to finish it down the road.

Looking at the wide angle view of my design wall I know there are several other confessions I could make, but not at this time.

Hope to find a little time to sew this week and I wish you all the same.

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  1. Your wall looks great. I love the way you motivate me to get to work. Maybe I can get started on my retreat projects. I need to do some cutting, so I can get a lot done.