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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Friday Clean Up

I was off work last Friday and on Thursday night I told Johnny "if I don't change my mind, I am going to clean off my ironing station." He wasn't too optimistic about the idea, says I have said that before. Here is what it looked like.

My ironing surface measures 25 inches by 48 inches. It is one Johnny built for me a few years back. It has the wire baskets underneath. As you can see I really only had a few inches of usable ironing space. I would like to say that by the end of the day it looked like this.

But in reality it looked like this. I would like to turn the table around so that I could have the cleaner surface on the front but that was more work than I wanted to do at the time.

Granted this is a lot better but, I still have those two baskets of scraps to cut up. I got a bigger tub to put dark strings in and have light strings in a basket pictured below.

I have a couple of different projects in the works that need string blocks so I should have enough cut for those projects or at least a good start. I could only handle so much cleaning before I had to get to some sewing and I will tell you more about that later this weekend.

Have a good weekend.

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