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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dumpster Diving

Dumpster diving or my version of old project box diving. Pulled all these blocks from a box tucked back in the corner underneath my sewing machine cabinet. There are at least 80 blocks already made and another 20 or 25 all cut out and pinned together. I obviously planned to do a large king size quilt. I don't think I correctly calculated the amount needed. I think I will have enough to do a king and a throw. The fabric is all from Moda called North Woods Crossing by Holly Taylor.

I have put 8 blocks in a row and have 5 rows put together here. I will either do 8 or 9 rows. I will work a little longer on it tonight and maybe get the top finished by the weekend.

I did make a short little shopping trip today to Three Hens and a Chick's after Christmas sale. Then I carried Daddy to lunch at Clark's Restaurant in Athens.

I also gifted this quilt to my aunt ,Gail Stewart. She has been there for Daddy during all his treatments. She has been his chauffeur and his ears during this past year.


happy stitching,


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