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Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Productive Saturday

Today has been a very productive day in the sewing room. Johnny went to a HAM Fest in Cullman so Lucy and I had the house to ourselves. I got started at a few minutes after 8 am. I had the center of this quilt complete but added a yellow-orange inner border then a lime green outer border. Now the quilt measures 70 by 99. I was thinking that if I did this one again I would make it another row wider, but that might not work. It is hard to see the actual block but the chain pattern is made with a 10 inch block and a 4 inch sashing row. That would make it 84 x 99, I guess that works. What do you think?

My next project was a back for the quilt. I didn't have any one piece large enough. It would have taken 6 yards. I had several large pieces that were in the front so I pieced a back. Well I did use one little green check that was not on the front. Let me tell you this was harder to do than you would think. You start to sew two pieces together and of course they are not the same width. So then you have to start trimming. I learned a lot piecing this back. If I ever do it again I think I will go about it a little differently. And I do think I will do this again, it got a lot of fabric out of the stash.

Then I added the yellow inner border and purple outer border to this scrap 1600 quilt that I started piecing at the April retreat. I didn't have enough of the outer border for binding but I found some more of those purple 2 1/2 inch strips so I pieced a scrappy binding. I had told Jo at Jo's Country Junction that I would send her some quilts and or quilt tops for her charity. This one will go to her along with two other tops and three quilts. It took a while to find the matching fabric for bindings for the other two tops but I finally did. I got all this done by 4 pm. A pretty good eight hours. However my day was not over, I then spent a hour putting an Italian Pizza Casserole together for our supper and a second casserole to carry to Ada tomorrow. I need to make labels for the 3 quilts but don't think that will happen tonight. I think there is a movie on the Hallmark channel or will watch Olympics.

Oh yea, I also made several of these Star Gazing blocks. Was this not a good day?


  1. I agree, Saturday was a good day at your house. I've been doctoring Sophie. Took her to Vet Friday, problem with her back left foot. All swollen, red and sore. Today her foot looks much better. I've had to soak it several times a day and put meds on it. Will continue rest of week. Also, she has had to wear one of those big plastic collars to keep her from licking and chewing on her foot. She's been rather p o'd at me. Hope to see u Friday.
    Sew on,

  2. Oh Teresa...I got your box today...AMAZING!! We love them all. We've been oogling over them. I can't wait to show them to Kelli when she is home this weekend. Thanks so much for you generosity. We already have a home for one...a benefit for a needy family. Thanks..thanks....thanks.