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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The name of this blog may be Teresa Quilts but sometimes I do other things. The past few days I have been working up extra tomatoes. I froze several quarts but then Donna gave me a recipe for Salsa. I have made two batches for a total of 15 and 2/3 pints. I can hot water bath 7 pints at a time. The first  batch made the 7 and 2/3 pints. Johnny ate almost that whole piece of a jar at one sitting. He said it was the best salsa he had ever eaten. The first batch was made using Cajun bell peppers instead of jalapenos. I used jalapenos in the second batch. I hope it is just as good. I still have tomatoes left.

Not that many thank goodness, just enough to eat on until others are  ripe.

How do you like how I am drying my gloves. I was smart enough to use rubber gloves while cutting the onions and hot peppers. Messed up once before and then rubbed my eye, not something you want to do.

In between garden chores, walking, playing on the computer and other things I have done some sewing. A couple of weeks ago I was flipping through all my Bonnie Hunter books and was looking at all the quilts she had done in plaids. Well I have a tub of wovens that need to move on so I got started cutting for Star Gazing. All I needed was 2 1/2 inch strips, but I also really liked her Holly Toledo and I could make the small HST's using 2 1/2 inch strips so while I was cutting for Star Gazing I cut extra for Holy Tolido. I also cut a 7 inch strip for the  larger HST as well. So basically I have two quilts cut out. I'll have to cut something else I'm sure but most of it is cut.

Here are a few block I have done on Star Gazing. I am using just one red for the sew of corners but several different whites for the opposite corner.

This is a box of 2 1/2 in strips.

Here are my 7 inch squares, I've even got the line drawn on about half of them. Just need more sew time.

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  1. As usual you have gotten so much done. The salsa looks yummy. You are lucky Johnny is such a good "tester"! :) Makes my want some. I'll furnish the chips! Like the stars too.
    Sew on,