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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Starting Addiction/not finish

I have given up my Facebook games for a while. They are an addiction and very time consuming. That being said I now have more time to sew, read other blogs and view pinterest. This is not necessarily a good thing, because I see too many things I want to try. Notice I didn't say finish. That is another issue on which I am working.

I was on Bonnie Hunters blog and saw Dancing Nines and I thought I needed to try it in 30's reproduction.
It is a scrappy nine patch framed on two sides. My dilemma now is the border. Everything I have seems to take away from the overall soft feel of the top. Should I just make more blocks to make it larger or keep looking for a border?

Here are a few border auditions. Nothing feels right.

If no border should I use a scrappy binding or what?


  1. Try a border that is solid that matches a color in the quilt. All the ones you posted seem a bit busy to me. Maybe not as wide as the pieces you have up.

  2. I like your blocks but can't tell what the background is between them. If they are set with white or off-white, you could put a border of the same color on the outside and then do a piano key type scrappy border as the final border incorporating more of your scraps. You'll find what feels right for you.

  3. It is a pale yellow and I like the piano key idea thanks

  4. I would just make it larger with more blocks and then bind it in the soft yellow...You'll figure it out :) I love the softness of the look.