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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday morning update

Friday was probably the most stressful day I have had in a long time. Between the very weird customer (notice that is singular, how can just one make such a difference) and visits from upper management who have no clue about the real day to day workings of retail, I was mentally exhausted (but not nearly as stressed as others who work there). Thankfully we had planned just go get something for supper, but guess what there the drama continues. Just as I go in to the restaurant, they are trying to get a young girl out to a car and she is totally out, just limp as a dishrag. Others voiced what I am thinking, should have called an ambulance. Thankfully Johnny is a good listener and I was able to share all of my day with him and relieve some of that built up stress . Of course I had to get it all out before time for the race to start. LOL Time for therapy, to the sewing room I retreat. It was a good night of sewing. I finished all the blocks for Mad City Mama and actually got one row of blocks and sashing put together.  Johnny came to check on me about 9 o'clock because I was awfully quiet, he is disgusted, Kyle Bush won again.

I have a few things to do today, getting hair cut, thank you Donna. Probably have to buy groceries but plan to grill tonight so Johnny will be in charge of supper tonight. While reading Jo's Country Junction blog this morning I found the perfect pattern for a Jelly Roll and 2 charm packs that I bought when Ada and I went to Houston market with Gina. When was that 2007 or 2008 maybe 2009, I have been looking for a pattern for those fabrics since. I have bought at least 3 different light backgrounds trying to find something to work them, then I saw Jo's Chain of Faith that she did for Moda Bakeshop and loved the  pattern. Quick, easy and I think it will work with the one jelly roll and 2 charm packs. I went to my green stash first and the first piece I looked at was a perfect match or blend and I have about 3 yards so I think that will work. 

What do you think, I think it looks pretty good. I am going to finish Mad City Mama before I start this one, but since there are only 16 blocks that shouldn't take too long. Hopefully today!

Have a good weekend, check back for finished photo of Mad City Mama,

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