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Monday, August 5, 2013

Irish Chain

I have rediscovered the joy and speed of pre-cuts. On Thursday of last week I started this single Irish Chain using a jelly roll from a Kansas Trouble line called Autumn Journey. In just a few hours of sewing time I has completed strips sets enough to do 80 blocks and had actually sewn 20 blocks before I had to stop and go to work. I was off Friday so I had another good sewing day.
I now have all 98 blocks complete and about 75 percent of the quit top put together. If I have calculated my measurements correctly the top will be 78 X 90. I still have some of the jelly roll left plus some background fabric so I may try to make it 90 square. If I add a border it should fit our king size bed. I don't know if I have any yardage from that line but if I can find any Kansas Trouble it  will work. All their lines blend nicely.

Got a long day today but don't go in tomorrow until 2 pm so maybe will get to  go to the stitching group for a little while. I can only hope. First time I have had Tuesday morning off in several weeks.

Happy sewing all!!!!!

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