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Monday, August 12, 2013

Dancing Nines

I gave up my Facebook  games so I would have more time to finish some of my quilting projects. But what has happened is I spend more time on Pinterest and reading different blogs. Last week I saw the cutest little bibs made from scraps and I thought I would make one for DeAndra's new baby. So I started pulling out my 30's reproduction fabric. I think I need a pattern to get the bib size right so while I am waiting on that I read other blogs. On I see Dancing Nines and since those 30's fabrics are pulled out, off I go. These worked up very fast, but I think I will make a few more blocks to make it larger. Yes I am in to these baby quilts lately, but then they are  so finishable. (not a word except to quilters)

I have had some other creative inspirations that have not worked as well. This Bargain Basement pattern by Bonnie Hunter is done in recycles shirts in the book and I have had it tagged to try in Batiks for a long time. Just got around to making a few blocks and I am not sure it is going to work. These may end up in the orphan box. This is another reason I don't cut out the whole quilt before sewing. In this case my vision is not quite making it.


  1. I am not a fan of 30s fabric but used some in an Eleanor Burns quilt. For some reason they multiplied (and still do) so I made a 16 patch baby quilt with them and it was wonderful. Looked so fresh and clean. Yours is looking the same way.

  2. thanks, I don't use them often either and was amazed at how many different ones I had stashed in one drawer.

  3. I love the 30's! Bonnie's Dancing Nines look great with them. I agree, Baby Quilts are much more finishable. I never did the games on FB and I don't have time for Pinterest. Way too many quilts in my head and on Blogs- screaming at me.

  4. I like the suggestion of not cutting the whole quilt in the beginning and trying out a few blocks first. I haven't made many scrappy quilts-most of my projects have been kits-so I'll hopefully remember this tip when I do begin creating my own color combinations. I agree that the Bargain Basement colors are running a little wild...although there may be someone out there who will think it is just grand :)I love each fabric on it's own-they are all beautiful but there is no place to really focus your eye...just my opinion. Keep up the beautiful work-you're a great example and teacher to me.