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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A New Journey

The quilt building is complete and the machine moved in and set up. This is the first quilt I quilted. I will have pictures of the machine posted later. But this morning I am thinking about the changes having the longarm will make for me. First of all I will be a quilter not just a piecer (is that really a word, but I think you know what I mean). It means I look at my stash a lot differently. I have a good many large yardage pieces but do they go with the tops that I have already pieced? Got to get serious about matching stuff up and only buy what I need to finish these projects.

I had said earlier in the year that I was going to make the bindings at the time I finished the top and I have done a pretty good job of doing that, but all those older tops still need binding as well as backing.

It has taken over a month to get the building finished and in that time I have done very little sewing but somehow my sewing room seems to have gotten in an even bigger mess. So as much as I would just like to live in the quilt building for a while that is just not possible. I can't even get to the tub of quilt tops that are finished because it is in the back of the closet and too much has gotten piled on top of it. 

I think I am going to love this transition to quilter, I just have to add in a healthy dose of  patience.

On a more creative note, I used a variegated lime green thread to quilt this one and love how it turned out. I guess green can be a neutral. 

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