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Monday, July 6, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Most of the weekend I spent quilting this patriotic quilt. It took longer than it should because the thread kept breaking. I was using a variegated thread from King Tut . I had to step back from it for a while Saturday but finally finished it Sunday afternoon. 

I had the binding ready to go on, so I squared up the quilt and sewed on the binding before I quit for the day. 

I free motioned quilted it with loops and stars.

In between the frustration of thread breaking I pieced some on this baby quilt. I had fabric left over from another baby quilt already cut in 2 1/2 inch strips so I just cut them into squares and added a few more fabrics and I have about got this one done and not a moment to soon, just got an invitation to a baby shower this morning. 

Got to work a long shift today, but I hope the rest of you have a great day. 




  1. Breaking thread is a major irritation. I feel your pain, but the quilt looks wonderful with the stars quilted on it.
    That is a cute baby quilt.


  2. Thanks for the support Helen, believe me when I say the next quilt I try that thread on will be a very small one, if it still breaks may have to reconsider keeping that spool.

  3. I just love seeing all of these Americana quilts pop out this time of year. Yours is beautiful!

  4. I love you patriotic quilt! Simple but striking design.

  5. Your patriotic quilt is wonderful. Love that you free motioned it too. I use King Tut a lot and find that a larger needle helps to keep it from breaking (assuming the tension is not set too tight). There is a recommended needle size on each spool of Superior thread. They usually work find in my machine. Hope you give it another try. Your quilting looks good.

    1. thanks for the encouragement I used a variegated king tut on the previous quilt and it worked fine so maybe the next one will go better

  6. what pattern is the patriotic top? My type of quilt!

    Working 35 hours and unloading freight, I would be knackered for at least 3 days. When would I feel like quilting?