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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Better Use of My Time

I only work at Hobby Lobby about 35 hours a week and lately not even that much, but I still have trouble making better use of my time off. Part of the problem is that we work 10 hours on Monday handling freight all day and that just about does me in for a couple of days. Yesterday though I got off at 2 pm and when I got home Johnny says go change your clothes and then pick out which quilts you want hung. He had gotten the second coat of paint on the boards that morning and he wanted to see if the clothes pins were going to hold. The ones I finally found were pretty flimsy.  I choose bright and cheery quilts. 

Johnny says he is officially through with the building, but he is not. However the rest can wait for cooler weather. 

After this was done I cleaned and oiled the machine and loaded this baby quilt on the machine. I again had a little trouble with the tension, but I finally got it going and I quilted on it until I got the call for supper. We had left overs from the 4th so Johnny took care of heating them up while I played out here. 

After supper we always sit on the front porch with Lucy and watch the traffic for a while. Last night I carried the Kids quilt that was the first one I quilted, and worked on the binding for a little while then I came in and finished this second baby quilt. These were squares cut from the one that is on the machine now, I just added a few more fabrics for a little more variety. 

All in all I think I made better use of my time yesterday. Hope this morning will be productive as well. Maybe can either get first quilt finished or back and binding made for second quilt. Either has to be done before I go to work this afternoon. 

Happy quilting ! 


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