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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5 shops in one day

On the road to Wichita, Cathy took her turn behind the wheel with Gina as co-pilot. Our first stop was Material Girls Quilt Shoppe. They had a lot of brights and a huge selection of batiks. Gramma'a Calico Cupboard was next with a good variety of all fabrics. Donna we are not finding very many civil war fabrics and almost no cheddar. After lunch we made it to Hen Feathers Quilt Shop where I entertained them with my southern accent. Bye Yall! Most all shops asked where we were from and couldn't believe we came all the way from Alabama. We were met at the door of both Hen Feather and Picket Fence Quilt Company by the shop dog or dogs. The Picket Fence gave each of us free quilt block kits and three other shops gave us all pens.
This was the front of Hen Feathers. Their marque said "don't ask a quilter to mend"

The last shop of the day was Sunflower Quits in Derby which is near Wichita. Then a stop to pick up some molding tape to repair a piece of molding on top of the car that had come loose. The wind was blowing pretty bad today.
On the way back to Lyons had a better shot of one of the many oil refineries. Only one shop scheduled for tomorrow then a hot card game with Betty (Barbara's mother). Will try to post again tomorrow.

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  1. What fun! I'm wondering how many miles you had to travel between shops. It certainly is flat out there. I remember driving through Kansas on my way to Utah, and the wind was so strong, every single time we got out of the car. Must be fun for the shop ladies when you all come in together from Alabama. Glad things are all going well.