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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Road Trip

Well it finally got here, the beginning of our road trip. We left Cathy's bright and early Friday morning  and our first stop was for breakfast in Muscle Shoals. A very nice gentleman offered to take the photo so I could be in the shot too. Our first quilt shop stop was in Jonesboro, Arkansas then on to Thayor, Missouri. At our next stop on Willow Springs, Missouri  where we had to do a little repacking of the van. This shop carried some beautifully made Amish baskets. I don't think it is necessary to say more than that.

Just before Thayor we stopped at Mammoth springs, it was a beautiful place to stretch our legs. I did get a picture of them with their back to me looking at the bubbling springs, but I was vetoed on the back "butt" photo.
We made it as far as Springfield and had dinner at Hemingway's at the Bass Pro Shop. Thought that might impress the men in our life. It was very nice but we were very tired.
I'm an early riser but the others are still asleep as I post this in my temporary office aka bathroom. What I will do for some computer time, lol. Another shop filled day planed. Hopefully we won't be too late getting to our destination tonight but we can't leave Springfield without checking out their two large quilt shops, so I doubt we leave town before lunch. Oh well we are not on any time clock. More later. 


  1. While Teresa and her friends are out touring the midwest, Lucy and I are lounging by the pool. The water is fine. Wish y'all were here to enjoy it.

  2. Amish baskets, hmmm... That should up the grand total a little.. So excited to read your posts. You are all in my thoughts each day as you are on your grand adventure. Happy journeys! Dianna