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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Friday May 11,2012 my other niece Michelle graduated for Calhoun Community College.
She has worked very hard to get this degree, working full time and going to school. Now on to Athens State University for the next one. Earlier this year she was at the house and saw part of the blocks for Bonnie Hunter's mystery Orca Bay on my design wall and said "that needs to be my graduation quilt" since she usually gets any of my quilts that she wants I didn't think this was a problem. It just eliminated my need to shop or even decide what to get her.
Here she is the day after graduation with the quilt. She will probably kill me for including this photo because she felt so bad. Allergies give her a fit this time of the year.

Since I have yet to include myself in any of my postings so far I thought I would include the one taken of me and Michelle at graduation.

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  1. Thanks for being such a special aunt to Michelle....she truly loves ya'll and so do I... so glad you got to go eat with us....we need to do that more often.... the quilt was beautiful as always.... love ya,