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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I was so tired yesterday all I did was read and nap. I did help Johnny tie up some tomato vines. I had saved the end strips when I would straighten a piece of fabric. Since some parts are wider than others it makes a nice cradle for the vines without cutting into the plant. Also adds color to the garden with all the different fabrics. I finally got around to unloading all the different bags I had collected.

Here it is stacked on the cutting table.
Black and white fat quarters, shirting, and red and brown for an ocean waves pattern and pink and brown for a basket pattern.
The brown with red is border for the ocean wave quilt. I bought a good bit of yardage. Several pieces of white on white and the background for 3 different patterns I want to make. I'm telling myself I have to finish a couple of things first before I start either of these but that is going to be real hard to do. I did pick up a few pieces of blue to replenish my blue stash and two possible border fabrics for the blue and white Jacobs Ladder. Lucked up and got both of them on sale tables. However most of what I bought was new prices, $9.90 - $11.00 was pretty much the norm. Most fat quarters when they had them was $3.00. We saw a lot of pretty shop models and some that we had done at Quilters Refuge. We didn't find a whole lot of civil war or 30's in fact shop number 19 had the best selection of both. We did find a lot of brights, batiks and black and whites. Saw a lot of Moda lines by designers we knew. Some Kansas Trouble and Thimbleberry in almost all shops.


  1. Good morning Teresa, Hope u r rested up from our journey to Kansas. Thanks so much for blogging the fun we had. WE had such a great time. I've been vegging out the past couple days. Hope to be more productive today.
    See u on Friday for our "stitchin'" day.

  2. Interesting collection of goodies! I know you want to just jump into a fun, new project. Can't wait to hear all about the trip tomorrow. See you then.

  3. Ok Teresa, We've rested enough. Time to get back at it. More blog please. See u later today @Gina's.