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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Binding Scraps

What do you do with the left overs after binding a quilt? This is not a true picture, lots are still stuffed down in the bag that you can't see. I'm not really sure why I have saved them all these years. I really don't mind doing binding and I'm pretty quick although not as fast as my friend Ada. Because I didn't mind doing binding and in fact really enjoy it I have done a good bit of binding for other folks as well as shop models when I worked at the quilt shop. So I have lots of pieces left over, usually not very much but sometimes a good bit. I even have a couple of whole bindings where I made the binding when I finished the top but by the time I got the quilt top quilted I had forgotten about making that first binding and made another. I'm sure no one else has done that. I can only remember once  pulling binding scraps from the bag to make a scrapy binding for a quilt so is it worth it to hang on to this bag on the chance that I will need another scrapy binding?


  1. Yes...binding scraps are a good thing. Repeat after me...I need these binding scraps, I need these binding scraps. I have a box of binding scraps too, so that must mean they are necessary.hehe
    Sew on girl,

  2. i can't say i have a box full of them, but i've started a small container of them - they're all the same width - so i'm gathering them and one day i will use them for a scrappy binding on a scrappy quilt (which is actually my favourite kind of quilts) and will have fun making it work together.

    i suppose you could sew them together in a sort of lego style quilt like "lazy Gal Quilting" does here:

    if they're useable - i just can't wait them.....scraps that is!!

    love your blog