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Friday, May 25, 2012


It is time to think about leaving Kansas. No shopping today. This morning each of us totaled our receipts but did not share the total yet as we have other shops pending. However we were all a little shocked. As you can see we have shopped until we dropped.

Gina was downstairs and Barbara had gone to her room for naps and as usual I'm playing on the computer with camera close at hand. After naps we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream to take to Betty. She has a special liking for strawberry Sundas. We needed to make one last stop so in there so we could all say goodbye.
Don't they all look alike, Barb, Sue and Betty.
For dinner we met Gina's sister Denise and husband Mark at a Mexican restaurant in Great Bend where the nights special was 99 cent margaritas.

Did I also mention that today is Linda's birthday. I had no idea how they could celebrate a birthday but we found out.
Linda was such a good sport about the cool whip in the face.

Lots of laughter to end the evening. Wayne plans to fix us breakfast for before leave in the morning. There are 3 other shops we are going to try to catch tomorrow before if we can get there before closing. One in Independence and two in Severy, hopefully we can get to all three.

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  1. Hi gang! It was great to see the napping and birthday pix. You all looked exhausted. Is there such a thing as too much shopping? No, I guess not. You can always recover when you get home. Tell Linda Happy Birthday for me. Nice photo of Barb, Sue, and their Mom. Also Gina and her sister. Look alot alike. Looks like all are having a marvelous time, whipped cream and all...:)