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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Grand total

Yesterday we got together with our other quilting sisters or is that "sistas" for our weekly stitching. Mostly it was show and tell of all the goodies we had found on the great road trip. On recount of shops we actually hit 20 different shops and went by 2 others that were closed at the time. Maybe we will catch them again sometime. Based on the amount I spent it may  will be a long time before I can go into a quilt shop. As far as the winner of the book goes we were all way under the amount spent but Barbara was the winner with the highest guess. It turned out kind of funny for me and Barbara, my guess was 100 less than hers but the whole trip she kept saying she guessed too low and I was thinking I was way to high. Truth is if you put mine and Barbara together you would have the total and NO I am not saying that here or anywhere that we might be held accountable. Gina said Butch tracked her across country by the credit card and David thinks Linda did real good on this trip by the little amount she charged. He just didn't know how much cash she had. On a good note we spent much less on gas than we had thought we would have to spend. When planning the trip gas was estimated to be over $4.00 by this time, but we were able to buy it for an average of $3.35-$3.49 so less than $500 on gas. Donna was really surprised by how small our piles were especially Gina's. If she had made the trip we would have had to ship some back UPS. Sadly the price of fabric has gone up so much our money just didn't go as far. Most was $9.90 to as high as $12.25 a yard. Luckily we did find some sale tables.  Now to find a place to put all my goodies and what will I start on first. I caught a break this month with Judy's UFO challenge. June's number was 12 and I had already completed that one earlier this year. It only needed the binding so it got done at one of our stitching sessions.
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  1. It was great fun hearing about the marathon quilt shop trip. You all found some great patterns and fabrics. So glad you all had a great time and thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I told Darrell the total amount so that he would keep my quilt spending in perspective...HaHa. Your secret is safe with me:)I have yet to spend that much in only 10 days! Can't wait to see some of the finished (or at least 'in progress') projects in the upcoming weeks and months. Keep busy!

  2. Yes, I've been enjoying the book I won with our "travel/spend pool".
    Still am so surprised I was the winner. Have most of my "stuff" put away. Still trying to organize ALL my sewing room. Maybe I should just give up. It seems it will never happen. What r u working on today? Have a great Monday.