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Monday, June 4, 2012

Another project on the wall

OK I confess I couldn't wait to start sewing with some of my road trip fabric. Before our great adventure I had seen a pattern in American Patchwork and Quilting called Ship Shape. I have really been thinking about an ocean wave quilt for a while, but seeing it done in blue over and over just wasn't really speaking to me. Then Ship Shape appeared in reds and browns and bingo this was it. So as well as replacing some of my blue stash, I collected lots of reds and browns. I mostly chose what I call brownie reds and reddy browns (if that's a word). I found this little cream and red print at the Quilt Sampler in Springfield. I'm not sure it is the right background print or not. I may have to make a few more blocks before I can tell for sure. What do you think? Either way I have to make a bunch of half square triangles. I am using 2 inch finish Thangles. I using a piece of pack and hope I have another full pack in the drawer or I might be forced to shop again -lol. I find Thangles work the best for me when I am trying to make a lot of HST. I can easily keep up with variety when using units of six. Since I will need over 600 having 6, 12 or even 18 alike won't be a problem. I like to make a bunch of sets and then just cut one section off which gives me two HST's. This way I can make a block along the way and still have variety in the block. This helps me determine if I need to add more fabrics for variety or if it  looks good with the ones I'm working with. Also if you decide in a project to make it bigger half way through more strip set can easily  be added with the first section that haven't been cut apart.

I did lay out all the Jacob Ladder in blue blocks and have started sewing the rows together. I'm going to try to finish this in between making HST's. I also need to get the border on a little Christmas lap quilt that I have promised to our Silent Auction chair for this year's quilt show. I also found a border fabric for a 1600 quilt I had done earlier this spring. Needless to say I have plenty going.

Gone to sew


  1. Wow, love all those triangles! I like your method for keeping it scrappy. I've always cut them all apart at once and sometimes I don't get them scrambled so evenly.

  2. Teresa, I love the reds and browns. Wow, that's a lot of HST's. Thanks goodness for Thangles. I hope I grow up to be a quilter like you:)

  3. Heard (read) your confession today. It's good that u've come clean. lol Confession is good for the soul! I'm sure "deputy Cathy" will come up with some kind of penalty, so be prepared.hehe
    Sew on girl. See u at guild tonite.