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Friday, June 15, 2012

Stitching projects

Friday is our group stitching day. Most just bring some hand work and we stitch and visit. Some might say we gossip but I'm sure that is not what we would call it. I thought I would share some of the projects the others were working on this week.

Donna brought these little blocks to show and tell. The nine patch is made with one inch squares. She brought some thrift store shirts to cut apart today. She is not real big on hand work. She usually doesn't get to stay all day because Friday afternoon is Bingo at the nursing home where her Mother is living so she has to go help her play Bingo.

Ada finished the binding on these cute little pot holder mitts. Then she worked on some English paper pieced flowers.

Faye was working on an applique piece from a class she took last weekend at the Alabama Quilt Symposium. I think this one was from a Pat Sloan Class, I don't remember who the other national teacher was that she also took a class. I can't believe that the rest of us didn't go down to the quilt show last Friday, but maybe we were just road tripped out. I think this was the first show I missed since they started having the symposium. I took some of the classes the first year or two but didn't take any other after Quilter's Refuge opened. Maybe I'll get a chance to take a class next year.

Dianna said her husband was out of town for three days last week so she had her own personal private quilting retreat. She said all she did was water the plants and sew. Three very cute little projects. She finished the hand work on one of these and started her on red work project. She is going to do the Snow Happens that several of us have done.

This is my red work project in black. One lady that came to the shop a lot did this pattern in the black and tans. I tried really hard to get her to just give it to me but that didn't work so I'm tackling it myself. It may be a little ambitious. I've worked several stitch sessions on it and have only got these trees done. The pattern is Over the River and Through the Woods. There are two long scene panels and one panel with the words then pieced blocks.  Barbara worked on a little red work as well but no picture.

Usually we will stitch until 3 or 3:30 but today we broke up about 2:30 because it was already 87 degrees. We did have a nice breeze so it wasn't too bad. We had three missing today, Gina and Cathy were on other road trips headed in opposite direction visiting family and Linda was busy with plans for her Mother's birthday.


  1. Yikes! I didn't know I was going on the blog! This will be fun to look back on when our large red work projects are finished, though. I had a fun time and loved to see what everyone was working on.

    1. you will have to share the site with your sister so that she can see what you do each week. I will tell Johnny about thinning the pears.