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Monday, June 11, 2012


To all magazine editors and publishers, to all book authors, you are doing a fantastic job. I received the July/Aug issue on Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting on either Wednesday or Thursday of last week and immediately sat down to read the latest. I'm usually drawn to easy patterns with just a twist on placement or color. Well I wasn't just drawn to Patriotic Patchwork but it took me by the hand and into the sewing room to start cutting. Five days later I only lack a few blocks. Actually I have enough for the pattern but it is square  so I'm adding another row. So if the objective of editors, publishers  and authors is to get people inspired then they are doing a good job. The problem is I get inspired to start another project before I finish one, hence the title of queen of UFO's.

Look how simple the blocks are. It is just the placement of color and the way you turn the blocks to create the rows or furrows. There is also no borders on this quilt which makes it more old fashioned. I really like that look and will always make more blocks to get the size I need rather than add more or larger borders, but that is just my personal choice. I think the personality of the quilt is in the blocks, of course pieced borders just keep adding personality. Hopefully I can get this done in the next few days so I can get back to the ones I was working on before the magazine came in the mail. Only other problem is I really like the quilt on the cover. Oh what to do but get SEWING.


  1. Yes, so many quilts so little time :0)
    this will be a real winner.

    Happy sewing

  2. I found your blog through DWM and have gone back and read everything. What a fun road trip. you mentioned stopping at several quilt shops I've been to before and a few I'm going to have to check out the next time I head south of Kansas City.

  3. Oh that's a great quilt. I love the simplicity. Beautiful.

  4. I love this quilt. How do u get things pieced so fast? (I didn't get that gene!) Missed u at the movie yesterday. See u Friday.
    Sew on girl!

  5. Wow, Teresa! I love any red, white and blue quilt and to think that you had all that fabric on hand and just got right to cutting. Maybe someday, I'll have a stash like that...I'll have to go find that Fons & Porter magazine. I cleaned up my dining table and can't find anything now! See you soon.