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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Pear tree

We can see the two pear trees from the bay window in the dinning room/kitchen. Last night we realized something was different. One limb looked like it was broke. We went to check it out and it doesn't look broke or cracked anywhere just bent by the weight of the pears. Problem is the pears are only half grown. As they get bigger this limb may not make it.

A closer look at just one branch on that limb.
Even closer.

This type of pear is not ripe until late September so they still have a big portion of their growing season left. Last year I made pear butter in the crock pot and a pear relish that is sweet and savory. It's very good with pork.

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  1. My father is a fruit man (has an orchard in Utah) and he would say those pears need to be thinned. Then they will each grow bigger and maybe the branch won't break. He is ruthless with his thinning and has the best and biggest fruit I've tasted, fresh off the tree. I'll look forward to tasting one of your pears this fall.