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Monday, June 25, 2012

DWM brown bag

My design wall is actually empty, which is a good thing. It means I got the red, white and blue Patriotic Patchwork put together. Now I just need to find a back and get it quilted. I'm sure I have  something for the back in my stash. This is my brown bag challenge. I was given the Hoffman fabric in the center of the stars. The hardest part of this challenge was that I didn't know my brown bag owner. She is new to the guild so I haven't really gotten a chance to know her likes or dislikes. I planned to put the focus fabric as another border but it seemed to take away from the table runner so I put it on the back. I hope she is pleased with it. My longarm quilter buddy Barbara let me try some custom quilting on it so it was also a learning experience for me.

Got a lot to do today and it is going to be another hot day here. Yesterday it hit 101 degrees with a forcasted 98 today. It was 77 when I started my walk this morning and 80 when I got back 53 minutes later. The 77 was at 7:15 a.m. . Slept late or would have gotten an earlier start.

Lucy was waiting for me when I got back.


  1. Your runner is gorgeous! I saw your temps and thought you must be in the south -- they looked a lot like our temps. Well, yeah! Howdy neighbor! I live just north of Huntsville! :)

    1. It is a small world, I retired from BellSouth in Huntsville and have friends that live in Merridianville and Hazelgreen just don't see them much now.

  2. Hot, hot, hot, is an understatement, don't u think?? This is melting weather.Everyone is staying inside. No relief in site this week. Hopefully, I'll get some sewing done. Haven't been very productive lately. U all try to stay cool.
    Sew on,

  3. This heat is hard on my flower gardens. Can't seem to give them enough water...Sewing in my air conditioned home is all I really want to do. And give much thanks for the electricity! Missed you all last Friday, but had fun with the QBEAS. See you Friday, hopefully indoors:)

  4. Response to Comment on kwiltnkats Blog...............
    Teresa, I've not spilled the beans on all my starts. Those little monkey blocks finish at 5". I'm sure there will be one of the yet picked UFOs that will take me a month and then some. I thought Kamile was going to do that, but I managed to squeak it in. Thanks for leaving a comment. Sandi

    Teresaquilts said...

    these are happy little monkeys, very cute. should have worked on a future UFO myself but instead started more. OH well!

    June 25, 2012 7:11 AM

  5. You should take Lucy on your walks. Keep cool. Like what you did with the table runner. Sandi

  6. Looks great! I dont do much on those really hot days but stay in and quilt!