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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

that ugly fabric looks good here

Look closely the red is fabric strips. We are using them to tie up tomato vines. Branches that escape the tomato cage need a little support. I started saving strips when straighting the edge before cutting strips. These worked well but we needed more so I pulled out some of that "what was I thinking when I bought this " fabric and cut the needed strips.

Just shows you should never stop thinking outside the box. The only problem was that I kept thinking I had a tomato getting ripe when it was just an orange strip.


  1. I remember we used hay strings to tie up our tomatoes.... and also daddy made aluminum bean sticks at work and we tied them with hay strings too.... used them over and over just like the tomatoe baskets that daddy made from hog wire....they were better than the ones they sell now. I miss the garden sometimes.... I just don't have time to do all that.

  2. I tied up my gladiolas one spring with string and tied a bow so I could get them off easily later. The strings mysteriously disappeared one by one over the next few days, til they were all gone! We decided the birds must have pulled them off for nesting materials... Pretty funny. You have a great looking, colorful garden. Congrats!