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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Too Hot to Stitch

Yesterday was our stitching day here. It was pretty nice outside before lunch, we had a nice breeze. We were a little short on attendance as well, only 5 of us. We just had sandwiches for lunch with weight watcher pop cycles for desert. About one o'clock the breeze died and we called it quits by 2 o'clock when it had reached 94.5 degrees in the shade. I think next week we will have to move to an air conditioned site because the weather forecast for next weekend is more of the same.

I have been trying to walk every morning. This morning I left the house at 7:17 and didn't get back until about 8:10.  Tomorrow I plan to get an earlier start. Johnny and I hit the pool about 9:30 and the water temperature was 86 degrees. Very nice, just floating around for an hour or so. I got out and picked green beans and then got back in the pool. I can tell you I am in for the day, hope to get the red, white and blue blocks put together.

Gone stitching!

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  1. hot hot hot. Hope u r having a cool afternoon. My day hasn't been too great. Fuel pump went out on my car. Had to have it towed to mechanic's shop. I need to get some sewing done, but not in mood today. Hopefully will have a better attitude about sewing tomorrow. Stay cool.
    Sew on,