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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bed Turning

Each quilt show we have a bed turning with stories about each quilt. This year since it has been 150 years since the civil war all the shared quilts were made from civil war reproduction fabric. I thought I would share some of the pictures, of course I don't remember the names of the quilts or who contributed them.
This first one is Women's Voices, this one I know because it is one of my UFO's.

I believe this one was Butternut and Blue with an explanation of the butternut color being easier to obtain than the Confederate Gray.
I don't remember what pattern this was but it looks like something I might like to do so may need to get information again from Lou Ann.

This one is mine, the pattern in American Heritage, it was an 8 month pattern.

This pink and brown one had something to do with the start of the war in the Carolina's.
This one was called Wheatland, which I think was the name of the home of President Buchanan.

This was an example of the cot quilts women made for soldiers only this one has the added borders that allowed a quilt to go around bed post.

I am drawing a blank on this one except I think it represented both the North and the South.

This was Cindy Robinson's Elk River Cabins. A Judy Martin pattern. Log Cabins were very popular during this time frame.

Court House Steps which is a variation of a log cabin.

This is a half or quarter log cabin.

This is a pineapple log cabin. I want to do one of these some day.

 This is a Dear Jane, no desire to try this one.

I think this is Dear Hannah, don't think I will go there either.

Snail's Trail.

Churn Dash, Monkey Wrench and Shoe Fly, don't  remember the exact name.

Totally in the dark on this one.

I think this was the Hospital Commission or commissary. It depicted the generals of both the North and South plus President Lincoln and other important people of that time.

Northern Generals on top and Southern Generals on bottom.

I think this was a 52 week block sampler.

Seems like this may have represented something about the begining of the war.

I am pretty sure these last two were made by Sue Manley.
As usual Lou Ann did a great job with the story telling.


  1. Teresa, you got some great shots of the bed turning! The third one from the bottom was a block of the week quilt -- done by Barbara Brackman -- the Civil War quilt/blog!! :)

  2. thanks that is what I thought but couldn't remember which Barbara didn't really think was Barbara Black but not sure.

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