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Monday, September 17, 2012

DWM 9-17-12

Not a lot has changed on the design wall this week due to the quilt show. I did get all 30 of the checker board blocks complete. I also worked a little on the checker board border. Before I can get back to the string blocks I have to find a larger container to dump my string basket in so that I can sort through them. I may try to work on that a little today but may not because I am really tired after the show and oh yea a trip to the hospital with husband on Saturday. A little mishap with the lawn mower cost him the ends of two fingers and an over night stay in the hospital. I didn't plan to go back to help take down the quilts Sunday afternoon but when I got him home Sunday morning he insisted he was fine and for me to go back. One upside was it is his right hand and he is left handed.

My previous blog has some pictures from the quilt show and I will post more later but I thought I would share one of mine here.

This is Bonnie Hunter's Roll Roll Cotton Bole. This is my second color way. The first few steps were so simple I decided to make a second quilt in another color pallet and of course then I got to the step where you need 60 string pieced blocks so that is now 120. That is why I named this one "I Want Do That Again" .  Check back for more show pictures and check to see what others are working on this week.


  1. Your Bonnie quilts are wonderful. You have several made that I still want to make.

  2. I agree with Jo... I immediately recognized the pattern in the first one (which was the image on the linky.). I love your version. Also the second one is grand too. Glad your husband's accident was not worse. Thanks for linking with Judy.

  3. Love both your quilts, so different with your color choices. Hope your husbands hand heals quickly.

  4. Hi Teresa! Bonnie Hunter patterns are such fun! How fun I got to see your Roll Roll Cotton Bole quilt in person!!

  5. Oh ... and I meant to mention (did you know you're a no-reply blogger?) that I live in New Market, just above Huntsville. I've been an active member of the Huntsville guild for a while! I have lot of friends that are in the Athens guild -- and there's a lot of crossover between the two! :)